Nick Sends Liz Home On ‘The Bachelor’

Rick Rowell/ABC

On The Bachelor, it’s all fun and games until someone gets real, and boy oh boy, did Liz get real on the second group date of the season. The group visited the Museum of Broken Relationships in Los Angeles, and when the rest of the girls enacted funny breakups with Nick, Liz went the other way, and her speech was super dramatic. So dramatic, in fact, that shortly after, Nick sent Liz home on The Bachelor.

The whole gimmick of the date was that Nick and each lady would act out a breakup, since they were at a museum devoted to breakups and most of them were cute or funny or whatever. It was all clearly supposed to be a joke. Liz, though, who slept with Nick at Jade and Tanner’s wedding, went low, and her whole speech was a complete 180 from the others. If you could get further away from 180, it would have been that, because man, did Liz read that situation wrong. Sure, she was feeling neglected and upset, but it wasn't really the place to bring up these serious feelings. The speech was long, and everyone in the audience was confused because no one in the Bachelor mansion knew that Nick and Liz had already had sex. Liz’s speech started a little something like this:

“So Nick… When I first met you, it was in a hotel lobby and I was immediately attracted to the way you carried yourself and how present you appeared to be. The next day, or maybe a few later, because the days were blurry, I saw you at the celebration of love and friends, at Jade and Tanner’s wedding. Your carefree spirit matched mine and you drew me in. I tried to fight it, and even now, standing before you in this very difficult moment, I try to fight it again, but you draw me in.”

Where is this going, Liz? No one knows!

“I know that we had a lot of fun, but I’ve been hurt, and I wasn’t ready to let you fully in. Many guys have been on the opposite of that situation before, but I always felt that none of them fought for me. I guess that neither did you at that time. I hope that when you find the girl that you are willing to fight for, that you will fight for her in a way that I wish you would’ve fought for me, and in the way that every woman wishes she would be fought for. I know that this is the end of the chapter for us, but I really hope it’s a beautiful beginning for you.”

This was all especially awkward because none of the other women on the show, save for Christen, knew that Liz and Nick had a history. Of course, Christen told Nick that Liz told him about their hookup, and Nick confronted Liz. The conversation did not go well, but Nick was nice about it, saying that he just didn't see a future with Liz. He wished her well, walked her out, and that was that.

Except... now the hard part begins, because Nick has to tell the other women that he and Liz had already had sex when she came on the show. I'm going to guess that not everyone is going to be happy about that one, huh? Liz's emotions were her undoing on The Bachelor — she felt too much at the wrong time, and Nick just didn't feel it back.