Nick Viall + "The Carlton" = 'DWTS' Gold

Eric McCandless/ABC

Nick Viall is used to being on camera, but he sure as heck isn’t used to dancing on camera. He went from The Bachelor to Dancing With The Stars, and there’s, um, been a learning curve. That being said, Nick is trying, and in his latest dance in the April 24 episode of Dancing With The Stars, Nick had fun with a Beach Boys classic.

I think ever since Alfonso Ribeiro danced his classic “Carlton” dance from Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air when they were on the show, the dance has to appear once a season. This time, it’s Nick Viall’s turn! His jive turned into that move where you play your leg like a guitar (is there a name for that?), and then he did the Carlton! I don’t know whom to thank for this. Was it Peta Murgatroyd, Nick’s choreographer and partner? Or did Nick watch every season of Dancing With The Stars and insist that this killer move get put into his jive? Couple with the “Fun, Fun, Fun” tunes of Beach Boys, Nick’s dance was a crowd pleaser. The judges may have been “eh” about Nick (he got straight sevens for a score of 28), but this jive was a crowd pleaser.

The audience was on its feet and dancing. Didn’t Carlton as well as Carlton, but who could? I mean, look at this.

Martha Sorren/Bustle

Nick can do the leg guitar thing really well, though.

I tend to crap all over Nick Viall because I've seen him on my television for 30 years straight, but one can't say that the man is not trying. Anyone who can do that move on television and live with himself is fine with me — for now.