Nick Viall Dressed As Pinocchio On 'Dancing With The Stars' Will Give You Nightmares Forever

Eric McCandless/ABC

Do you guys think that the world is getting tired of Nick Viall? He was on Bachelor In Paradise, and then he was on The Bachelor, and now he’s on Dancing With The Stars, but I feel like somehow, somewhere, someone up there is trying to punish him for being on Dancing With The Stars. Why? Um, did you see Nick’s outfit on the April 17 performance? It is Disney week, and Nick and partner Peta Murgatroyd were assigned Pinocchio. He must have made the costume designer angry, because Nick’s Dancing With The Stars Pinocchio outfit was the stuff of nightmares. I probably can’t watch that movie ever again.

Nick is a huge ham, so he’s pretty much down for whatever when it comes to being on television. Hanging out with the twins on Bachelor In Paradise? Sure! Being a punching bag for all of Bachelor Nation? Totally! Waxing his chest and making out with his soon-to-be fiancée in a yurt? Absolutely! But even Nick knew that his outfit was… how do I put this delicately? Not cute. The yellow-and-red lederhosen made my eyes cross over, and Nick asked Peta if she hated him because that is one hell of an outfit.

I don’t know, Nick — she told you that you looked amazing, but it is Pinocchio week, which means she can lie about anything. It’s very on-theme.

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Is this garish Pinocchio garb better than the open-shirt look that Nick sported a few weeks prior? I’m not really sure. Nick moves from Fabio to Pinocchio in just a few costume changes, so he definitely gets points for creativity and sportsmanship. If Nick is anything, he’s a good sport. Too bad I don’t know if I can watch any more Dancing With The Stars — my retinas are now permanently burned from that outfit.