Bachelor Nick Receives A Scathing Insult In This New Movie

by Lia Beck

About 20 minutes into a film about three geriatric men who decide to rob a bank, I was surprised when Nick Viall suddenly popped up on screen. Had my Bachelor obsession finally crossed over into hallucination territory? Was the film reel being tampered with by a criminally inclined member of Chris Harrison's squad? Nope. Going In Style simply features a fairly long scene about The Bachelorette amidst heist plotting and Morgan Freeman stuffing a pork roast down his pants.

In case you're just here for Bachelor insults, you may need to know that Going In Style is a comedy about three friends — played by Morgan Freeman, Alan Arkin, and Michael Caine — who decide to rob a bank after their pensions are frozen and they're left facing expenses (healthcare, mortgages, etc.) that they can no longer afford. It's not the type of movie in which I'd expect to find Kaitlyn Bristowe and her final three suitors, but there they were. Spoiler alert: Turn back now if you're super invested in the dialogue of Going in Style.

The scene in question occurs when the friends are hanging out for an evening of dinner and reality TV. Like many Bachelorette fans, the trio seems annoyed by the show while, obviously, continuing to watch it. Then comes the most cutting jab of their viewing session when one of them says, "Shawn's boring and Nick's a manwhore."

Yep. Not only do 80-year-old men meet up for The Bachelorette, they also don't hold back on their insults.

Look, personally, I wouldn't call Nick a "manwhore" (actually, I wouldn't call anyone a manwhore), but Shawn was boring, and either way, I was more than happy to relive a pivotal scene from one of my favorite shows. (Yes, it was pivotal. This was the night Ben Higgins was sent home, leaving Viall to be a two-time runner-up and Higgins to be the future Bachelor.)

Interestingly, a trailer for Going In Style features the Bachelorette scene, but is updated, presumably so potential viewers aren't left wondering why they're seeing a Bachelorette clip from two years ago. The dating show scene in the trailer shows Season 12 Bachelorette, JoJo Fletcher, giving a rose to Chase McNary and the men all grunting in disapproval — a totally reasonable reaction, if you ask me — while the film features the version with Bristowe that fits the timeline of the movie's production. (Going in Style filmed in the summer of 2015.)

Now, I wouldn't suggest Bachelor fans go see Going In Style simply to hear reality TV jokes, because it's literally just one scene. (Also, Bachelor/ette stars are not "walking venereal diseases," Morgan Freeman.) But overall the film did surprise me in a good way. I can't say I was particularly excited to watch 90 minutes of these guys robbing a bank at the start, but the movie becomes unexpectedly touching as it goes on. It has that in common with a certain reality TV show I know.