Nick Viall Sorted Through His 'Bachelor' Freak Out

Rick Rowell/ABC

You guys, Nick doesn’t know what to do, and frankly, I don’t know what to do while watching him not know what to do. Nick Viall has been on a Bachelor series literally three times before (this is his fourth), and now Nick had doubts about whether The Bachelor will work for him, and I didn’t know if even Chris Harrison could rescue him from these doldrums.

All of this business started when Nick had to send Danielle L. home, a woman with whom he thought he had a great connection. Once Danielle L. told him that she was falling in love with him, Nick started to have doubts, mostly because he knew that he couldn’t return that love. So, he sent her home, which was a fair and dare I say just thing to do. Then, Nick visited the rest of the women and said, “Hey, I don’t know if I can do this.” He also cried. Luckily, Chris Harrison gave Nick a pep talk, asking him questions but mostly telling him something along these lines, hey, dude, you signed up for this "journey" and it’s time for you to keep on keeping on. All of the remaining contestants were quite terrified that Nick would decide to cancel the whole season, but Nick’s momentary lapse of judgment has passed and he is staying the Bachelor course.

But what happens now? After telling his remaining potential wives that he still felt a connection with them (or some of them), the group left to the island of Bimini. Nick needs to get it together, though, because he can’t be weeping and doubting and whining about whether or not he’s making the right choice. There are only a handful of women left, and Nick needs to get serious or get out, because I sure wouldn't wanna stick around if he wasn't sure about me.