Chris Harrison Is Why You Watch 'The Bachelor'

If you're a longtime fan of the show like I am, you already know there are plenty of reasons to watch The Bachelor : The ever present drama, the occasional shirtless dude, the opportunity to suspend your disbelief and buy into the fact that two people can actually meet on this crazy show and spend the rest of their lives together. But the only real reason we all watch The Bachelor is Chris Harrison. For the entire series run, this legend has flawlessly hosted every episode and rose ceremony, and although it can't be easy, he makes it look like it is. Bachelors and Bachelorettes have come and gone, but it'd be hard to imagine anyone else ever hosting the show in Harrison's place.

Everyone is in love with Chris Harrison, really — you might just not know it yet. But after this list, I promise you will. After all, there's a reason he has a good relationship with almost every lead and contestant that has ever crossed his path, even long after that final rose has been handed out. Yeah, Ben Higgins is cute and all, but without Chris Harrison, he wouldn't be able to go on half as many helicopter dates.

Why do we all watch The Bachelor for Chris Harrison? The list of reasons practically writes itself.

1. He's Really, Really Good At His Job

OK, so maybe anyone could host a TV show given enough training and practice, but that's not all that Harrison's job involves. He's part host, part therapist, part matchmaker. And he actually has to remember the names of every single lady on night one, a task that most of us just aren't up for. Not just anyone could do that!

2. He Seems To Understand How Mockable The Show Is

But he's always played into it, whether he participated in the ridiculous Bachelor in Paradise opening credits, or when helped facilitate Chris Bukowski's retirement (and his jersey). Making fun of yourself is a quality I've always admired, and Harrison takes the jokes in stride.

3. He's Not Afraid To Get Down To The Nitty Gritty

He always asks the hard questions, the things everybody wants to know... especially during the Tell Allspecials.

4. He's Great In Times Of Crisis

Like when Kaitlyn Bristowe was struggling with whether not to let Nick Viall join the competition, Harrison was totally there for her. And during that inevitable part of the season where the Bachelor or Bachelorette breaks down under the stress of the situation and wants to walk away, Harrison is always there to talk them down. Without him, we may never see an actual completed season of this show, really.

5. His Priorities Are In Order

The Bachelor is clearly more important than the upcoming election. Ask anyone.

6. Despite The Cheesiness Of The Bachelor, He Still Believes In It

What he tells his friends in his personal life may be totally different, but from his onscreen persona, you'd think that there's nothing Harrison believes in more than true love being found on The Bachelor. And if he doesn't believe in it, the people watching wouldn't either, so this is essential.

7. He Gives Us Insight Into The Show We'd Never Have Otherwise

Every week after the new episode airs, Harrison writes a blog for Yahoo! about what he thinks about the season so far and his insight into the things we might not have seen. If you aren't already keeping up with these, you need to — they're goldmines.

8. He Really Sells His Signature Line, Every Time

Every season, he says it. Every season, I believe him.

9. He Is An Endless Font Of Advice

Since he's been hosting The Bachelor for so long, he's seen virtually every situation that could possibly come up, so when the leads come to him with a problem, he always knows exactly how to handle the situation — especially during those awkward fantasy suite post mortem chats that happen before the final decision is made.

10. He Has Never Walked Away From His Job

If I was in Harrison's shoes, I would have walked out after the first hissy fit. But year after year, he stays, like the beautiful pillar of strength and fortitude he is. Not even Kelsey Poe could make him quit. Not even Lace, guys.

11. Even When They Make Him Do Ridiculous Stuff Like This

A fake funeral? Really?

12. He's Not A Bad Looking Dude, Either

Just saying.

13. His Social Media Accounts Are Priceless

If you aren't following him already on Twitter and Instagram, please do so immediately

14. He Is Always So Optimistic

No matter how much drama there is every season or what's going on with the ratings or if you can just tell that even before the Bachelor gets down on one knee that the relationship isn't going to last once the cameras are off, Harrison is always thinking positively. He sees the best in everyone, and that's one of my favorite things about him.

Chris Harrison, please never leave us. Unless you decide you actually want to be the next Bachelor, to which I say hell yes.

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