Nick Viall Weighed In On Blake & Caelynn’s ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Drama


Bachelor in Paradise got to another level thanks to Instagram. Bachelor in Paradise contestant Blake Horstmann released private text messages he exchanged with Caelynn Miller-Keyes on his Instagram Story on Aug. 6. Then, he deleted them a couple hours later. Still, that didn't stop people from talking about it. Nick Viall weighed in on Blake leaking Caelynn's messages.

Aside from the screenshots, Blake posted on his Instagram page, letting his followers know ahead of time that he planned to share her messages. He told his Instagram followers via IG Stories that he deleted the text messages because he "never wanted Caelynn to get attacked like this." On Aug. 8, Caelynn wrote on her Instagram account that she was "absolutely mortified our private texts were put out there for the world to see and judge by someone who I trusted and consider a friend nonetheless."

Bachelor franchise veteran Nick Viall spoke out against Blake's actions with a couple of tweets. The former Bachelor lead admitted, "I haven’t always loved my portrayal on TV. During that time I had text conversations that could have changed people’s opinions of my intentions. However, it could have potentially come at the price of others. I didn’t share. I took my beating. I moved on. Im better for it."

The BiP alum elaborated, "To articulate more. I’ve reacted emotionally before. It ended up hurting others. I’ve always regretted that. I don’t regret the moments I let my emotions settle & focused on what I could change. An unfortunate situation all around. Neither party deserves to be crucified."

There are fans who side with Caelynn, fans adamantly defending Blake, and others who are somewhere in between. Nevertheless, Nick is right: "neither party deserves to be crucified." It's not that deep. No one deserves to get attacked on social media. Yes, there are so many people invested in the Bachelor franchise, and, ultimately, their lives outside of the show, but no one needs to come at Caelynn and Blake personally. It's not at-all acceptable.

During the first two episodes of Bachelor in Paradise Season 6, Blake was the main topic of conversation. Upon arrival, Caelynn told host Chris Harrison, "Blake is not my favorite person right now." When she walked down the stairs, he literally ran away and they had zero contact for a couple days. However, Caelynn had a lot to say about their pre-show interactions in conversations with bartender Wells Adams and her fellow contestants.

Caelynn revealed that Blake spent a night with her during the Stagecoach music festival. She also said that he spent the previous night with Kristina Schulman, who confirmed that when she entered BIP on Day 2. Blake also spent time with Tayshia Adams, another Paradise contestant, at Stagecoach, before he ended the night with Caelynn.


During BiP filming, Blake took Tayshia out on the first date and went on a second date with Kristina before ultimately declaring he was there for Hannah Godwin. He was in a love square, which Caelynn was admittedly upset about.

She claimed that Blake called her a "mistake" and wanted to lie about their previous connection. She finally confronted Blake with her claims during the second episode. He broke down crying and apologized for saying she was a "mistake," even though he admitted that he did not recall using that specific word.

No one can blame Nick, or anyone else watching the show for weighing in on the drama, but viewers should keep in mind that Caelynn and Blake are both real people. Will this drama continue or are their Instagram statements the true end of the "most dramatic" BIP storyline yet? Fans will find out next week — and possibly even the week after.