Nick's Hometown Date With Raven On 'The Bachelor' Shows They'd Totally Work In The Real World

Drew Cason/ABC

It feels like this season of The Bachelor has totally flown by, but hometown dates are officially here. On Monday night's episode, Nick went to meet the families of his final four ladies, and first up was Raven. She may have seemed low key this season, but after seeing her with her family, I'm starting to wish that she was my BFF. Nick and Raven's Bachelor hometown date was absolutely adorable, and now I feel like their relationship could work in the real world — especially since Nick easily won over Raven's dad.

After Nick arrived in Raven's hometown of Hoxie, they went four wheeling and even had a run in with the police — aka Raven's brother, who's a cop. Next up, she took him home to meet the parents, where she got some pretty important news: Her dad is officially cancer free. That set a really upbeat tone for the rest of the evening, and, although her dad admitted that he didn't expect to like Nick, he did. He even would be happy to walk his daughter down any aisle he was standing at the end of. How adorable is that?! It's hard not to love Raven's father.

And then, Raven finally admitted what's really important here: She's actually falling for Nick. She didn't drop any L-bombs or anything, but it's pretty clear her feelings are genuine, and the two of them work really well together. Nothing seemed forced, and he got along with her parents right away, and for someone who's close to her family like Nick is, that's important.

After this sweet date, it's hard to say whether or not Nick will choose her in the end, but it's obvious that they have chemistry and that Raven's hoping she'll get that final rose. If she ends up single at the end of all this, I doubt it'll be for long. She's way too nice not to find someone amazing.