Nick's Parents Think Vanessa Is His Type On 'The Bachelor,' But That Could Be A Bad Thing

Tehri Tuovinen/ABC

The time has finally come for Nick Viall to make the decision between Raven and Vanessa, but, first, something very important has to happen: They have to meet his family. Of course, this is something his parents have done before — with Andi Dorfman and Kaitlyn Bristowe on The Bachelorette — but even so, they obviously took this part of the process very seriously. And while they seemed to get along with her right off the bat, they did see the potential for a problem. When Vanessa met Nick's parents on The Bachelor, they realized that she's exactly his type... and that might not be a good thing.

Nick's dad was the first to point it out when he got to talk to his son one-on-one after meeting Vanessa for the first time, and his point is very valid — Vanessa seems pretty similar to Kaitlyn and Andi, and his "type" hasn't exactly been what's necessarily right for him in the past. Whether that fact will sway Nick or not is yet to be seen, but now that Papa Viall has pointed it out, it actually makes a lot of sense.

But that's not to say that he didn't like Vanessa, because he definitely seemed to — and he even broke down in tears while talking to her about how she feels about his son. (It's an emotional family.)

It's sweet to see how invested his parents are in his potential engagement... and how excited his precious sister Bella is to be part of this whole thing. Vanessa seems to have passed their test, and for someone who is as close to his family as Nick is, that's a pretty important factor.

No matter how you feel about Vanessa, you can't deny that she has genuine feelings for Nick. But since he hasn't dropped any L-bombs so far, it's hard to tell where his heart is at, so I'm glad we're getting answers soon. I need to know what he's thinking!