Nick's Proposal Speech To Vanessa On 'The Bachelor' Shows Exactly Why He Picked Her

Tehri Tuovinen/ABC

Well, it's official: Another Bachelor season is in the books, and so is another engagement. On Monday night's finale, Nick proposed to Vanessa, and now, they're living happily ever after — hopefully, anyway. And although I've been trying to figure out why Nick decided to choose Vanessa over Raven (since he had such strong connections with both of them), the way he asked her to marry him said it all. Nick's proposal speech to Vanessa on The Bachelor was super sweet, and it explained exactly why he decided to spend the rest of his life with her.

First of all, Nick started crying as soon as Vanessa walked in the room, and it seemed like it hit both of them at once how real the situation was about to get. And instead of letting Vanessa speak first, Nick took the reigns, and told her exactly what she means to her after getting to know her for the past several weeks. And after seeing how careful he's been about sharing his real feelings too soon, I'm sure it had to be pretty reassuring for her to finally hear those words straight from him — and the giant diamond probably didn't hurt, either.

In his speech to Vanessa, he told her that even from the first time he saw her, he knew that there was something special about her — a sentiment that was made even more adorable when Vanessa shared that she never thought that Nick would notice her. In fact, if you weren't sure that their love would last, his speech might actually be enough to convince you.

If this is how he speaks to her for the rest of their lives together, these two are golden. I'm looking forward to finding out where the future takes them... and hopefully, that's down the aisle. Is it too soon to start predicting Vanessa's wedding dress based on her rose ceremony gowns?