This 'BiP' Moment Was So Cringey, It Made Twitter Compare Nicole To Jed

ABC/John Fleenor

Nicole and Clay have so far been one of the strongest couples on Bachelor In Paradise. But while fans have been nothing but supportive of their relationship, they felt a little bit differently about Nicole's song for Clay during Tuesday night's episode. In fact, it even had some people comparing her to Jed.

During a romantic moment that the pair had to themselves, Nicole serenaded Clay with a song she wrote just for him, which included lines about how his "biceps are so yummy" and that "everything's fine in Paradise" with him. On Twitter, Nicole explained that she wrote the song earlier by the pool with some of her fellow BiP castmates, after Clay had mentioned that he wanted to hear her sing.

"ABOUT THE SONG: [Mike, Blake, Tayshia, Sydney, Kristina] and I were by the pool when suddenly I got the idea to write a song for Clay," she wrote. "Then each one us wrote a verse ... and it was the most wholesome moment ever."

However, when it came time to actually serenade Clay, Nicole didn't end up using any of the lyrics she and her friends had written down. "When I went to go sing it I COMPLETELY improvised since the page was covered in chicken scratch with everyone’s handwriting," she wrote. "But I absolutely love singing!" Unfortunately, the improvised song reminded fans of another infamous Bachelor Nation singer:

While Twitter might have gotten flashbacks to Jed and the many times he serenaded Hannah B. during the Bachelorette, Clay was completely charmed by Nicole's song. The former pro football player has been interested in Nicole from day one, and despite some warnings from the other members of Paradise, she reciprocated his interest and they quickly coupled up.

"He really sees a potential with me; he sees a future with me," Nicole told the cameras during their one-on-one date in Week 1. "It made me feel like I could really trust him ... This feels like it could be the beginning of something special." Clay's interest in Nicole never waned, though he did worry about her moving on to Christian after he showed up and took her on a date.

Things came to a head when Clay — worried about Nicole not choosing him in the upcoming rose ceremony — shared his fears about Christian stealing her affections, and Jordan decided to defend his friend's honor by starting a brawl on the beach. Both Jordan and Christian were sent home from Paradise after their fight, and Nicole explained that the whole ordeal confirmed to her that Clay was the man for her.

With all of the drama behind them, it seems like Nicole and Clay's relationship is stronger than ever — after all, nothing says "romance" like writing a love song about someone. And while Twitter may have not been the biggest fans of her musical moment, it looks like Nicole's serenade had the intended effect on Clay. And cringey lyrics aside, the girl can sing!