These Glittery 'Nightmare Before Christmas' Wine Glasses Are A Big Halloween Mood

It's still August, yes, but in corporate America land that basically means it's already freaking Halloween. Which also means you have a perfect excuse to start purchasing cute n' creepy Nightmare Before Christmas items en masse — but specifically, and most importantly, you now have an excuse to purchase these adorably spooky Jack Skellington wine glasses that you clearly do need in your life. You officially have full permission from me, an expert on basically nothing, to start consuming any and every beverage that touches your lips from these wine glasses. Right now, today, immediately. It's five o' clock (and Halloween) somewhere, right?

The wine glasses, which are handmade and available on Etsy through the seller Blush And Gold Collective, feature full-color portraits of Jack Skellington and Sally's faces (respectively) on clear, stemless glasses. And my favorite detail? The glasses straight-up GLITTER. The "Jack" glass is dipped in snow white sparkles, while the "Sally" glass is dipped in a glitzy violet sparkle. Because of the ~artisanal~ nature of these handmade gems, the seller does note that they are not microwave or dishwasher safe, so you'll want to stick to hand-washing only, and um, refrain from microwaving your wine, I guess? Please and thank you. A small favor to ask in return for years of rocking the cutest lil' wine glasses ever, IMO.

Each glass can hold up to 21 fluid ounces of vino (or whatever other liquid you choose to pour in it) — which, I'll have you know, is almost a whole entire bottle of wine. Wow! Impressive! A selling point, indeed! This is presumably only the case if you filled your glass up to the very rim — which admittedly does not seem like a normal thing to do — but I like knowing that I could do it if I wanted to.

You can buy a single one of these precious wine glasses for $19.99 (take your pick from Jack or Sally!), or you can splurge on the set of two for $34.99 (and save a few bucks while you're at it). I say go for the pair. Even if you live (and drink wine) solo, what if you're in a Jack mood instead of a Sally mood, or vice versa? And what if you meet the Jack to your Sally and want to drink wine with him or her? Gotta be prepared.

If you're more of a coffee and hot cocoa person than you are a wino, I have good news: You too can ensure that everything you drink comes from a festive, Jack-and-Sally themed beverage receptacle. Blush And Gold Collective also makes these super-cute Jack and Sally mugs, which are made of glossy white ceramic and hold up to 16 fluid ounces. Your morning coffee, afternoon tea, and nighttime hot cocoa has never been so adorably spook-tastical.

Another perk of the all-pervasive Nightmare Before Christmas fandom is that — surprise! — your Jack & Sally swag is relevant and fully in-season from Halloween through Christmas. Joy to the world! You get to squeeze a full three months of out of any and all Jack and Sally purchases. But TBH, you probably don't need a seasonal excuse to sip your bevvies from these cuties. I mean, this film is a classic for a reason, y'all, and I personally don't know anyone who would judge you for using Nightmare Before Christmas-themed wine glasses exclusively and year-round. Plus, they're too cute to just sit a box full of your holiday decorations for three quarters of the year, don't you think? I mean, they're freaking glittery, guys — they deserve to sparkle.