Nike's New Air Force 1s Were Made With Mermaids In Mind

There's one thing even non-sneakerheads know: Nike is where it's at. Whether you're a casual shopper looking for a pair of shoes that reflect your individuality, or you're a die-hard collector, Nike is one of the biggest names — and now Nike's new Air Force 1 Upstep Hi LX sneakers are here to show the brand's got something fairy-tale perfect for everyone.

The sneakers, which released on Nike's website on July 1 and are designed for women, are part of a line referred to as "Glass Slippers" because of the iridescent shimmer on the surface of the shoe.

The Hi LXs are follow-ups to this year's Palest Purple shoes, which were the first to bear the Glass Slipper name, according to Refinery29. While that pair was, of course, purple, the new Air Force 1s are detailed with subtle pale pink and blue over an iconic white base.

And Cinderella's not the only princess these shoes remind a person of; the scale-like Glass Slipper overlay, which Nike calls Summer Shine, makes them look distinctly fit for mermaids.

The sneakers' description makes the shoes sound ocean-like, too, saying, "Framed in white, the sequined upper lets the light play over shades of pink and teal for a look that never stays still."

According to the description, the sneaker also offers "a raised outsole, high-cut silhouette and elevated details [that] come together in a luxe edition perfect for summer."

These are available for a cool $200 — aka much cheaper than lots of other Nikes — and are surprisingly not yet sold out as of July 2. Refinery29 reports the first Glass Slippers sold out in a snap, so if these are your summer dream, it's best to snag them ASAP.

It's not hard to imagine kicking around in these all summer, whether you're wearing them to barbecues, pool parties, or those ubiquitous summer coworker bonding experiences. They're pretty much perfect for any purpose, and the Glass Slipper shine elevates them to a level that makes it easy to see them transitioning from a night out to long hours at the day job.

And these fit-for-royalty (and the occasional supernatural creature) shoes are sure to keep fans, hardcore and casual alike, excited for the next Glass Slippers installment.