Nikkie Tutorials Teased A Possible Collab & It's Time To Decode The Clues

The Nikkie Tutorials Nation is about to lose it. The Instagram influencer and makeup artist, known for her love of skin that glows so bright it can communicate with satellites, dropped a tease on her Snapchat which suggests she is working on a product. Is a new Nikkie Tutorials collab in the works?

Perhaps. She coyly used the black-and-white filter on a product swatch on her Snap, obscuring the key details while teasing that some "exciting" may be coming soon. To my eyes, it looks like a liquid lipstick.

Last year, Nikkie Tutorials teamed up Too Faced for the Power of Makeup palette. This year, she partnered with OFRA for liquid lippies and highlighters. This could be the third yet different installment in a holy trinity of makeup awesomeness. Or not.

While the instinct is to think that she has linked up with a different brand for another capsule collection, maybe she is working on her very own brand? You never know. Basically, everything is just a guess and wishful thinking until Nikkie Tutorials ditches the grey filter and makes a big reveal on one of her platforms.

For now, we can speculate about the Snapchat tease.

That swatch definitely has me thinking a Nikkie-approved mega matte liquid lippie is in our future. The darkness also suggests a fall color. Again, this is an educated guess culled from context clues.

With fellow influencer Makeup Shayla recently collaborating with Maybelline for a collection, one would think it's time for Nikkie Tutorials to link up with a drugstore brand.

A quick scan of her other socials like Twitter and Instagram reveals nothing about this exciting new "thing" as of press time.

If you need me, I'll be here patiently waiting for further details on this mystery "thing" that Nikkie Tutorials teased.