Photos Of Noah Centineo & Lana Condor's 1st Day Filming ‘To All The Boys 2' Will Get You Pumped

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

To All The Boys I've Loved Before garnered a massive fanbase as soon as it made its debut on Netflix back in 2018. So ever since the streaming platform announced that the film would be getting a sequel, the world has been waited with baited breath for production to get underway. Well, that day has finally arrived. Noah Centineo and Lana Condor started filming the TATBILB sequel on Wednesday, March 27, and the photo evidence will send your rom-com-loving heart into overdrive.

Last week, the cast and crew were in the pre-production stages, with both Centineo and Condor making their way to set. The two of them even tweeted sweet messages to each other, stating how excited they were to work together again. But now they have officially arrived and are in the actual filming process. One can only imagine the romantic moments their on-screen counterparts will be sharing during this second installment in the franchise. But just knowing that Lara Jean Covey and Peter Kavinsky have reunited in more than enough to warm our hearts.

And the best part is that the cast and crew are just as pumped for the sequel as fans are, which is more than proven in the photos and Instagram stories that are already popping up on social media.

Lana Condor/Instagram

Condor posted an Instagram story of her and TATBILB author Jenny Han as the two of them waited eagerly in line for some breakfast burritos to kick off the first day of shooting. It's a short video and doesn't give anything away plot-wise, but it's still great to see how eager they are to get to work and continue to tell Lara Jean's story.

"Waiting in line for our v v important breakfast burritos on the first day of @toalltheboysnetflix 2," Condor captioned the story. And honestly, Han's smile is all of us when the prospect of some delicious breakfast comes along.

Noah Centineo/Instagram

Meanwhile, Centineo was also busy getting ready to head over to the set and posted his own Instagram story that promoted his upcoming Netflix rom-com The Perfect Date and also confirmed that he was off to start filming the To All The Boys sequel as well. And yes, his expressions in the video are absolutely priceless.

Not to be outdone, Han also provided an actual Instagram photo of all the trailers lined up in the early morning hours, providing true photographic evidence that things are underway. This sequel is really happening and its release truly can't come soon enough.

As this time, not too many details are available about the sequel (other than what Han wrote in her book series), however, Condor has provided a few hints at the premise during a recent interview with ELLE. "There's going to be a major new love interest," Condor told the magazine."The first one was with Josh and Peter, but in the second movie it's going to be a major new character that’s going to challenge Peter quite a bit and fight over me, which is not a bad thing."

She's likely referring to John Ambrose McClaren, the final recipient of Lara Jean's love letters. He showed up in the closing credits with some flowers, so it certainly seems like he could end up being Peter's competition in the follow-up film. Unless, the movie is planning on throwing fans of the book series a major curveball. Hey, you never know who might turn up.