Nothing Will Relax You Like These 36 Crowd-Pleasing Inventions On Amazon

Whenever you want to treat yourself to a spa day or a DIY chill session, Amazon might not be your first thought. However, don't rule them out — because while the online retailer might be known for dope products with cult-followings and brilliant products under $25, but it's also home to various crowd-pleasing inventions that are seriously relaxing.

Ask yourself these questions: Are sore shoulders wreaking havoc on your mood? Stock up on portable massagers that can knead your muscles on-the-go. Are your headaches keeping you in bed? Consider a cooling headband for instant relief. Or, are you tired of your fresh pedicures getting smudged every time? There are innovative sandals that'll prevent that from happening.

Whatever the case may be, Amazon is here to offer a relaxing product to help soothe your nerves and muscles. And if said product comes with a handy "Prime" logo, you'll be able to enjoy its effects in as little as two days.

So, what're you waiting for? Make room in your house, office, and car for the dozens of fan-favorite products that are guaranteed to help you relax. Whether you buy one, two, or all of them, your body and mind will thank you.

1. This Weighted Eye Mask That's Filled With Tiny Microbeads

This weighted eye mask applies just enough compression to provide instant relaxation for a deep sleep. The comfortable mask is made with tiny microbeads that'll conform to your face and help keep the light out of your eyes. On top of that, each side provides a different texture for ultimate coziness. On one, you'll find cozy microfleece — and on the other, you'll discover cool, smooth cotton. The mask comes in seven different colors that you can choose from.

2. A Vibrating Scalp Massager With 5 "Fingers"

There's nothing quite as soothing as someone playing with your hair and massaging your scalp. Sadly, trying to recreate that soothing sensation with your own hands just doesn't measure up. That's where this scalp massager comes into play. Complete with five "fingers," it's designed to mimic the feeling of someone's hands running through your strands. Best of all, it comes with light vibrations to add even more relaxation.

3. These Textured Acupressure Rings That'll Massage Your Fingers

These acupressure massage rings are designed to help pinpoint pressure points along your fingers and promote deeper concentration. They're made out of ultra-fine stainless steel to add just enough pressure without causing pain. To use them, glide them up and down your digits for a calming sensation.

4. These Steaming Eye Masks That Smell Like Lavender

These single-use lavender eye masks are designed to heat up and steam away stress and fatigue surrounding the eyes, promoting an overall sense of calmness and wellbeing. They're compact enough to easily fold into any carry-on or purse, ensuring that you can use them anytime, anywhere. All it takes is 10 to 15 minutes for an instant sense of relaxation.

5. A Memory Foam Knee Pillow With A Cool Layer Of Gel

Are you tired of your knees clanging together in the middle of the night? I know, it's not exactly comfortable. To put an end to the annoying sleeping situation, place one of these ergonomic cooling pillows between them. That memory foam pillow has a layer of "cooling gel" that'll help you feel totally rejuvenated. Plus, it's covered in a breathable cotton fabric that you can remove and wash whenever you want.

6. This Ice Pack Head Wrap That'll Help Soothe Your Headaches

To help stop headaches in their tracks, wrap one of these wearable ice packs around your noggin. The flexible design will fit comfortably around your head as various ice cubes provide cooling pressure that'll help ease your tension. Once you finish wearing it, just pop it back into the freezer so it can re-harden for your next wear.

7. A Height-Adjustable Footrest That'll Help Improve Your Posture

While sitting with your feet flat on the floor might feel natural, having them slightly lifted can help improve posture and overall comfort. To score the centering sensation for yourself, add one of these ergonomic footrests to your office set-up. It has three height options and will help promote better circulation. Plus, the platform is lined with an anti-slip grip that can double as a massager.

8. This Lavender Spray That Refreshes Both Linens And Rooms

Instead of finding the time to pick a bouquet of fresh lavender from a field, consider spritzing everything you own with this natural lavender linen and room spray. Each bottle features a relaxing hand-mixed formula that you'll want to use all the time, whether you're spraying your linens or refreshing your bathroom.

9. A Portable Shiatsu Neck And Back Massager That Heats Up

Do you want to head straight to a massage appointment after work? Save yourself the time and money and turn your car into your very own spa with this neck and back massager. The portable device comes with a car adapter that allows you to use it on-the-go. And, if you want to continue the relaxation at home, just switch back to the regular plug and enjoy its perks. You can control how fast the bi-directional massage nodes go and decide whether you want them to heat up. The massager even has an automatic shut-off feature that'll help put your mind at ease.

10. This Heated Seat Cushion That You Can Use In Your Car

If you want to sit down and warm up, consider adding one of these heated lumbar support cushions to your chair. Not only is it designed to add comfort to any sitting situation, but it's also meant for providing soothing, controllable heat. Plus, the cushion is lined with cozy velour that'll help you relax even more. Plug it into your car outlet or your wall outlet and choose your preferred warmth setting.

11. A Bamboo Bath Tray That'll Hold Your Drinks While You Bath

This bamboo bathtub caddy will help you take a bubblebath that's straight out of the movies. Its design is adjustable so that it fits various tub widths, and its bamboo material is water-resistant. The caddy itself has slots to hold tablets, books, drinks, and more. As soon as you add one to your bathing routine, it might be tough to get out of the tub.

12. This Gel Pack Strap That Can Be Heated Up Or Cooled Down

To help calm that painful aftermath of wisdom teeth removal or fillings at the dentist, make sure to have this facial ice pack at hand. It's lined with comfortable microfiber and contains a gel pack that can be heated up or cooled down. On top of that, the wrap is adjustable so that'll cater to various customers. Plus, it's earned over 100 five-star reviews for its innovative design.

13. These Strappy Sandals That Prevent Your Pedicure From Smudging

Don't risk smudging your toenail polish inside your shoes as soon as you're done with your pedi appointment. Instead, wear these strappy sandals into the salon. That way, you can have your toes painted and keep the sandals on until they're completely dry. When you're ready, you cake take them off and put them away until your next pedicure. The sandals come in five color selections that you can choose from, including an additional black option with leopard straps.

14. A Massage Roller Ball That'll Help Soothe Your Muscles

Turn yourself into a massage pro with one of these manual massage roller balls. The must-have massager is made with "durable" materials and a 360-degree rotation so that you can apply deep pressure to various muscles while also improving your blood circulation. It comes in four colors including blue, green, pink, and purple, which means you can tailor it to your preference.

15. This Waterproof Bath Pillow That Has Over 2,200 Glowing Reviews

This waterproof bath pillow has been deemed a #1 Best Seller on Amazon with over 2,200 positive reviews. It uses strong suction cups to stick to the side of your tub, creating a comfortable paneled pad that won't slip down midway through your soak. The pillow itself features thick foam padding that'll support your head while you lounge.

16. A Massage Stick That'll Relieve Those Hard-To-Reach Places

If you have trouble reaching certain areas of your back or massaging certain areas of your neck, allow me to introduce you to the handheld massage stick. This hard plastic tool is designed with various knobs that'll apply pressure to different hard-to-reach areas — and you can use it without having to ask someone else for help. It's sold in blue, black, and purple.

17. This Facial Steamer That Turns Your Bathroom Into Your Own Personal Spa

What if you could score a spa-quality steam facial from the comfort of your own home? Well, with this home facial steamer, you can. Before you use the device, choose a steam setting of your choice. Then, you can enjoy it for up to 10 minutes (which is the recommended duration). The steam pouring into the mask will help open your pores, hydrate your complexion, and enhance blood circulation. Apparently, it can even be used to help relieve sinus issues.

18. This Handheld Scalp Massager That Can Be Used In The Shower

Do you know how hairstylists give the absolute best scalp massages while rinsing your hair pre-style? Well, you can give yourself the same quality massage from the comfort of your own shower with one of these waterproof electric scalp massagers. Not only does it boast deep-kneading power, but it also features clockwise and counter clockwise options on both high and low speeds. You can even use it on dry hair when you're out of the shower for additional relaxation, and then detach and wash the massage heads when you're done.

19. This Relaxing Essential Oil Roller That You Can Use On-The-Go

Coconut oil and fragrant florals combine for a concentrated dose of deep relaxation in this Chill Out Relaxing Blend Roll On. You can use the all-natural formula to reduce symptoms of anxiety, achieve a better night's sleep, or unwind after a long day. Simply roll it on your wrists, temples, and neck for an instant soothing sensation wherever, whenever.

20. These Lavender-Infused Food Pads That Can Help You Sleep Better

These lavender-infused foot pads use natural ingredients to help ease tension, relieve stress, and help you sleep better. Some of those ingredients include wood vinegar extract and bamboo vinegar extract, which work to invigorate acupressure points on the bottom of each foot. To use the FDA-certified pads, you can adhere them to the soles of your feet and wear them overnight.

21. A Handheld Percussion Massager With 3 Different Silicone Heads

This handheld back massager is a fan-favorite on Amazon. Its customizable deep-tissue relief has earned it hundreds of positive reviews. Not to mention, its long reach and detachable silicon massage heads make it easy to relieve various areas throughout your body. One shopper wrote, "This massager worked wonders for my mum's pinched nerve in her shoulders, so I bought one for myself. So far it has been a savior for my frequently tight, knotted shoulders and back."

22. These Reusable Heat Packs That Fit Into Your Pockets

Don't waste your money on single-use heat packs that add to your carbon footprint. Instead, stock up on these reusable heat packs. Their circular and rectangular designs fit easily in pockets, palms, and shoes, making them must-haves for the cooler months of the year. You can even use them to help relieve stiffness and muscle pain throughout your body. What makes them even better is that they're BPH-free and certified by the FDA.

23. This Cotton Weighted Blanket That's Filled With Glass Beads

If you have trouble falling asleep or relaxing, it's time to consider one of these popular weighted blankets that are taking the wellness world by storm. This particular blanket has over 3,000 positive reviews, which means tons of people are loving it. The blankets are made of cotton and filled with glass beads for a weighted experience. They come in 22 different colors and prints and can range from 5 to 30 pounds.

24. A Noise Machine With Cricket Sounds And 8 More Relaxing Options

Sometimes it helps to have a little background noise, whether you're working or trying to fall asleep. Instead of relying on your smartphone for tunes, consider placing one of these best-selling sound machines on a shelf or near your bed. It has nine sound options, ranging from waves and rain to birdsongs and lullabies. You can let it play all night long or set a timer so it shuts off by itself.

25. This Microwavable Neck Wrap That's Lined With Cozy Fleece

This heated neck and shoulder pack is designed to wrap comfortably around various neck sizes for soothing relief. It's filled with flax seeds and lined with cozy fleece for an extra comfortable experience. Simply warm it up in the microwave for heat therapy, or toss it in the freezer for a cooler sensation.

26. These Acupressure Mats That Come With A Convenient Travel Bag

It's worth adding one of these acupressure mats to your cart if you're looking for relief while you're traveling. The studded mat will help your target hard-to-reach pressure points, effectively relieving knots and tension along the way. The mat also comes with a "stones" foot rug that'll help relax you even more. On top of that, the package includes a carrying case so you can use the mats while you're on the go.

27. This Cooling Bandana That'll Keep You Comfortable In The Heat

If you love to spend time exploring the great outdoors or dancing your heart out at music festivals, then you know how hot and humid it can get. To help cool things off for maximum comfort, be sure to bring one of these cooling bandanas with you on your adventure of choice. It's available in six colors and is made with neoprene and terry cloth. Throw it into your freezer for a reusable approach to feeling cool.

28. These Moisturizing Gloves That Use Shea Butter To Soften Your Hands

Deeply hydrate your hands and cuticles with these intensive moisturizing gloves. They're made with shea butter, collagen, lemon, anise, and olive oil to help relive dry skin and leave you with super soft, ultra-hydrated hands. One size fits all, so just slip them on and enjoy. You can even use the touchscreen on your phone while you're using them.

29. This Organic Bedtime Tea Made With Chamomile For Ultimate Relaxation

Help soothe yourself to sleep with a cup of this organic nighttime tea blend. It's made with passionflower, chamomile, licorice, cardamom, and cinnamon to soothe nerves and calm the mind in preparation for restful sleep. And, if customer feedback is any consolation, it has received over 1,200 positive reviews.

30. A Battery-Powered Scalp Massager That Has 2 Different Heads

This vibrating massager can be used on your scalp, face, and back (or wherever you so choose). It comes with two different heads — one that's rounded and one that's claw-shaped — to provide access to even the deepest knots. Simply flip the switch and run it along your head, neck, and body for deep relaxation. It's battery-powered, so you won't have to worry about charging it up before turning it on.

31. This Handheld Massage Tool That Helps Relieve Pressure Points

This nylon massage tool helps target deep knots and tension, all thanks to its ultra-long pressure point. The nylon tool is designed with ergonomic grooves for an easy grip that you'll want to use every day. Use it to massage various areas throughout your body, such as your shoulders, arms, hands, and more.

32. An Aromatherapy Pen That Uses Chamomile Extract To Help You Relax

Inhale relaxation and exhale stress with this chill aromatherapy pen. It's made with a combination of lemon balm and various extracts from chamomile, passion flower, and valerian root. The pen itself can be used to help reduce stress and anxiety, which will help lead to a feeling of tranquillity. It's also 100 percent vegan and doesn't contain any nicotine.

33. This Jade Roller And Gua Sha Set That'll Help Relax Your Skin

With these beauty tools (which are made from real jade stone), you can make each day a little bit more refreshing. Use the jade roller and Gua Sha scraper to enhance your skincare routine and promote a calmer mood one stroke at a time. The smooth jade products can help minimize the appearance of pores and reduce swelling, all while providing a relaxing sensation.

34. An Essential Oil Diffuser That Doubles As Ambient Lighting

Turn your home into a zen space with this multi-use aromatherapy diffuser. In addition to puffing delicious essential oil scents into the air, the calming device changes colors for a soothing chromatic effect. You can let it cycle through all 14 shades, or you can choose your favorite one. The diffuser comes with 10 essential oils that you can choose from, such as jasmine, lavender, tea tree, orange, and more.

35. This Memory Foam Footrest That You Can Use On Airplanes

Flying should be fun. After all, you are jetting off to an exciting new city. To ensure that it doesn't become stressful, pack one of these airplane footrests in your bag. They're made with memory foam and designed to comfortably cradle your ankles for a less cramped flying experience. Just strap it around the arms of the tray table in front of you and kick your feet up.

36. An Cotton Acupressure Strap That You Can Wrap Around Your Waist

Do you need something a bit more intense to help with your relaxation quest? This acupressure strap is here to help. The cotton strap is lined with tiny acupressure points that can help reduce stress and improve circulation wherever you wear it. You can use it around various areas such as your legs, arms, and waist for a relaxing sensation. You'll feel your muscles loosen, letting go of tension in the process. Bustle may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was created independently of Bustle's editorial and sales departments.