This New Collection Of Jelly Highlighters Is Ridiculously Fun To Play With

Completely change the way you put on your highlighter by swapping out your glimmering pans and shimmering sticks for goo instead. It may sound slightly disturbing, but jelly highlighter is about to become the next biggest thing in the beauty world, and you'll be hard-pressed not to play with it. Taking on the consistency of jiggling, glittering slime, this out of the box product is going to bring your makeup game onto a whole new level, and it's all thanks to one under-the-radar indie brand.

Nuest Cosmetics launched their Magical Jelly Highlighter line, introducing five different colors to experiment with. For those unaware of the brand, Nuest is a cruelty-free and vegan makeup label, and it uses a collaborative spirit to create its cosmetics collections. As long as you dream it, they will create it.

"At Nuest, we believe that innovation comes from collaboration. We’re on a mission to make beauty more democratic by inviting our community into every step of our creative process," their About Me page reads. Their playful beauty inventions are inspired by their customers' imagination, meaning that their fan base helped to whip together this playful, gooey set. Which means there most definitely is a market for jelly highlighters.

The jellies come in a moisturizing, bouncy texture and can be used all over the face and body to add a colorful shimmer. As you can see in the above demo video, a little bit goes a long way and it leaves behind a pigmented sheen. While the formula is water-based, it's also quick drying and it can be used not only as a highlight but be mixed in with your foundation or lotion to create an all-over glow.

The holographic gel also uses pearl and mica-based shimmers in the formula to create that megawatt shine. And what's particularly exciting about this release is that it comes in five different colors to choose from: Pink Luster, Metallic Bronze, Gold Rush, Ruby Kiss, and Twinkle Star.

While they look entertaining, there's always the fear that an experimental makeup product is all gimmick with no payoff. Lucky for us, there have already been a few makeup vloggers who test drove the product and gave us their thoughts.

For example, Raleigh Knowles of the channel "Raleigh Lilith" was curious after seeing the gel make its rounds across social media, and decided to buy it with her own money to test. Her verdict was positive, and she announced that she loved it and would be now incorporating it into her everyday looks. You can see firsthand how pigmented it dabs on, where Knowles tells the camera, "If you see on the sides when I’m putting it on, it just applies so easily, it goes on so smooth without any creases, and it goes so so well with this purple galaxy look I have going on."

If you're interested in playing with some jelly yourself, shop the highlighters below!

Get ahead of the curve and try out jelly highlighters before they take over your Instagram — you won't regret it with this megawatt product.