Octopus Buns Are The New Low-Key Hair Trend To Try

Millennials have embraced normcore to the max, and it shows in every aspect of their aesthetic. From wearing Midwestern-tourist-inspired fanny packs and windbreakers to adopting the no-makeup makeup look, less is more and deconstruction is king. Perhaps that's why the new octopus bun trend is so unsurprising. It might seem like the sweaty hairstyle you whip up when you're at the gym, but it's actually super chic.

The octopus bun is like your standard messy bun, but with an updated twist. As you're knotting your hair into its elastic, you refrain from pulling it all the way through, and instead leave a few inches of your ends dangling over the crown of your head, like tentacles. It might seem like a simple move, but the piece-y ends frame the top of your head beautifully, adding an extra visual aesthetic that borders on messy and avant garde. Chances are you've already been donning this look for years, but it's just another alternative to the messy bun most of us know and love.

If you like a textured look, you can try running some pomade or wax through the ends to make them more defined. You can also run that same wax through your loose hair as well, so when you sweep it up into a bun, the whole style looks more textured and beachy. Or if you like a more polished look, you can let longer tendrils dangle from your bun, sweeping down to your eyebrows and flat-ironed to perfection with a heat iron.

The ends are supposed to be styled haphazardly, almost like you absently looped your bun through as you were running down the steps for the train. It's not meant to be highly stylized, and the idea is to contrast the low-key hair with some of your more interesting outfits.

You'd be 100 percent in the right wearing this with your terrycloth jogging set (circa Paris Hilton 2002), but it would also look great with that oversized minimal dress that's perfect for summer.

"This look works best when your hair is dirty, your makeup is fading away, and your friends are all hanging out without you at a rooftop bar for happy hour. Bonus points if they're already on their way to the Hamptons or another weekend destination," PopSugar elaborated.

The look is messy, casual, and super low-maintenance. You can style it up or dress it down, but whatever way you decide to style it, it will look amazing.