OFRA's Pop-Up Palette Is Unlike Any Other Magnetic Makeup Holder

OFRA Cosmetics knows how to make a statement with their launches. But this time, the brand is taking a break from their lipstick creations and collabs for a beauty staple that you need to see in action. Giving the classic makeup holder a major upgrade, OFRA Cosmetics created a Pop Up Palette. Think of it as the classic magnetic palette times ten. Forget everything you know about makeup holders, because this will instantly become your new favorite.

IMO, you can never have too many options when it comes to makeup storage. Especially those pesky individual pans that slide all around if not housed. That's where OFRA's new product comes in to save the day like never before. What's so special about the Pop-Up Palette? Well, as the name suggest, it has a stand. The back of the palette has legs that pop out, so you can stand up your palette as you're using it. The artist can truly be at work!

That's not all, either. It also has double-doors on the front. Unlike your typical magnetic palette, you can go into one side at a time. Some things are staying the same though. The palette holds all sizes pans from OFRA or any other company you might have in your collection.

Pop-Up Palette, $15, ULTA

The Pop-Up Palette is up for grabs on the OFRA Cosmetics website right now. As of right now, it only comes in one size and holds up to 48 grams of products. According to the OFRA website, they sell two gram eyeshadows, four gram blushes, and eight gram highlighter pans. Basically, it hols 24 single eyeshadows.

The best part about the launch is the price. The Pop-Up Palette is available for $21. Other magnetic storage containers of the same price can get as expensive as $45 each. So I'd say that OFRA's price is pretty reasonable. Especially considering that it does what no other palette can do — prop itself up and open two ways.

Pop-Up Palette, $15, ULTA

As of May 16, there are plenty of palettes still in stock on the OFRA website. It looks like this will be a permanent item on the brand's website, but I wouldn't wait to stock up on this incredible palette.