You Can Now Buy A Pack Of 50 Old Navy Flip Flops For Weddings & Parties

Drew Angerer/Getty Images News/Getty Images

When you think elevated footwear, a flip flop is likely not what comes to mind. As far as practicality goes, however, the sandal and its signature slapping sound are hard to beat. Now, Old Navy's 50 pack of flip flops has landed to illustrate how useful the plastic, summertime accessory really is.

On Feb. 12, Old Navy rolled out 50 piece packs of its iconic flip flop style. Inside each set, there is a mix of gold and silver sandals in a variety of sizing options. The full set retails for $140 making each flip flop just $3.

You may be wondering, "Why do I need 50 flip flops?" Well, the sandals are designed for large scale gatherings like beach parties and weddings where guests may wish to change shoes throughout the event. Brands like Rescue Flats have created entire business models surrounding the idea that wedding guests won't want to hit the dance floor in heels. Now, Old Navy is joining in on the concept but at a markedly lower price point.

Old Navy's flip flops are as a mainstay for the brand, but over the past few years, the sandal's seen a resurgence in popularity thanks to the $1 flip flop sale. The deal typically occurs over a holiday weekend during the summer and sees the plastic shoe reduced to a single dollar for 24 hours.

While the new flip flop set isn't quite $1 per pair, it's still a deal that'll have your guests set for whatever summer soiree you have planned.