Old Wives Tales About Chafing That Actually Work, Because Everyone Deserves A Comfy & Carefree Summer

Studio Firma / Stocksy

Any sign of hot weather and my jeans disappear to the bottom of the clothes pile in favour of a summer dress or cute skirt. But the hot weather also means one thing for my thighs — chafing. Whether you are out for a run, or just walking to the pub at a bit of a pace, chafing can be an all-too uncomfortable reality. But rumour has it there are things you can do. There are some old wives tales about chafing that actually work. While your thighs may love each other so much they touch you don’t have to be left missing the cold weather and jeans.

You shouldn’t have to change what you wear in fear of a little chafe. It is 2019, surely there is a reliable cure to the most irritating by-product of the sun coming out. There are only so many days in the year in the UK that you can feasibly wear that very overpriced summer dress you bought. When it makes it once a year appearance you want to enjoy it. Well it turns out chafing is an age old problem and for as long as people have been suffering with it, they have been trying to find a fail safe way of preventing it. Here are a few old wives tales, and some specialist solutions that should help you get rid of chafing all together.