Olive Garden Just Teased An Eyeshadow Palette & The Shade Names Are Hilarious

If you thought endless breadsticks was good, just wait until you see what this fast-food chain is cooking up. According to the brand's Twitter, an Olive Garden makeup palette could be coming. The now-fictional product offers quirky named powders and "Rosé Handles" to help you apply them. It might not be available just yet, but the idea seems to be fully thought out.

Olive Garden loves to give its social media following a little tease every not and then. First, it was with fictional subscription service breadsticks. Now, it's with the not-yet-made and somewhat joking idea of a makeup palette based on the brand's favorite meals.

The eight shade palettes features every powder you need for a full face creation. While the powders look great, it's the names that really make this palette what it is. There's six shadows in the collection — Alfredo Awesome, Parmigiana Perfection, Fierce Fettuccine, Royal Ravioli, Lasagna Lush, and Spaghetti Sparkle.

On top of that, you'll also get a Breadstick Bronzer and Marinara Rouge that are both larger pans and stamped with the Olive Garden logo. If this palette comes to fruition, you'll also get four Rosé Handles to apply the powder with.

Unfortunately there is one major downfall to the possible palette — the pans are not endless.

Olive Garden didn't just drop this idea and run, either. The brand was answering fan questions and concerns in the thread, which gave even more clues to what the palette would be like.

The brand did not say whether or not the shades would smell like the foods that they are named after. One user did say, "if it doesn't smell like breadsticks, I don't want it." To which the brand replied, "I like the way you think!" The possibility is there, my friends.

Just to clarify, the brand did not officially say if this product will ever launch. There's a good chance that Olive Garden is just joking with its fans, yet again. But a makeup lover can dream.

Just look at how much thought has gone into the palette so far.

A lipstick on top of the palette? Yes, please.

Because a food-based palette is not a true palette until there are puns for everything. Even makeup brushes.

I'm not saying that this is a good idea, but I'm also not not saying that.

These ideas are getting better and better.

You might have thought that this was a joke before, but it's actually starting to sound pretty great.

It might not be real, but it might be after seeing how much people love it.

The brand even got Tarte Cosmetics into the mix.

Come on, Sarah. There is room for both.

You never know what will happen when it comes to makeup. This wouldn't be the craziest makeup launch that there ever was. Not to mention that it already has a whole lot of fans that are ready to see it happen. Jokes on you, Olive Garden, because people want this.