Olivia Caridi & Arie Luyendyk Jr.'s Twitter Jokes Got Personal & You Have To See Why

Rob Kim/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Just when you thought that Olivia Caridi was done making enemies, she proves you wrong yet again. The Bachelor Season 20 contestant known for her seemingly effortless ability to get on people's nerves just did it again, this time with the current Bachelor. In this case, however, Arie Luyendyk Jr. aimed a passive aggressive tweet aimed at Caridi. It kind of comes as a surprise that Luyendyk Jr. stirred the proverbial pot rather than Caridi, as most people might have expected the news anchor from Austin, Texas to be the one confronting her haters. In this case, Luyendyk Jr. was the one directly responding to Caridi's tweet dissing Season 22 of the Bachelor.

It all started when Caridi pronounced not only the current Bachelor season boring, but the live-tweets accompanying the show as well. "[The Bachelor] seems so boring that even the live tweets are lame AF," the contestant who competed for Ben Higgins' love said. Apparently Luyendyk didn't appreciate the notoriously brazen podcast host's criticism, as he responded by saying, "That’s a shame.. less material for your podcast! #ad." It appears that Luyendyk intended the hashtag of "ad" to be a diss, but in reality, a large number of Bachelor contestants use their newfound fame to promote branded sponsorships, aka #ads, according to the Cut. A former Bachelor contestant has to make money somehow, after all, and sponsored Instagram posts certainly help one achieve that goal.

As someone used to receiving their fair share of shade, Caridi took Luyendyk's intended diss in stride, celebrating her special talent.

Luyendyk does have a point in drawing attention to Caridi's criticizing of the Bachelor. Her podcast, Mouthing Off, frequently discusses the Bachelor, and its guests often come from the Bachelor. Caridi, whether she likes it or not — and whether everyone else likes it or not — is a part of the Bachelor Nation. Just last week on Mouthing Off, on which Brandi Cyrus guest-hosted, Caridi called Ben Higgins. The former Bachelor told Caridi, "I hope you find somebody," and joked with the two hosts on their recorded call. Evidently, the other Bachelor whose nerve Caridi hit isn't Higgins, but rather the Season 21 Bachelor, Nick Viall.

As you may or may not remember, Caridi and Viall had a Twitter feud a year ago. Similarly to this year's Bachelor Twitter brawl, Caridi criticized Viall, who responded by suggesting that the podcast host may not be the best person to get relationship advice from.

It's not a huge surprise that Caridi tends to butt heads with fellow Bachelor Nation members. One of Caridi's most memorable Bachelor moments — besides receiving the First Impression rose — was a scene immediately following Higgins' somber announcement to the contestants that his family friends tragically passed away. As you probably remember, because who could forget, Caridid took Higgins aside after he told the women the sad news. She didn't just do so to console him, though, but rather she wanted to talk about her insecurities about the appearance of her legs.

Bachelor viewers criticized Caridi for her poorly timed conversation, and in an interview with Glamour, the former Bachelor contestant revealed that she has no regrets. "I was very overweight growing up, and I hate my legs," she explained. As far the criticism she received for seeming unsympathetic to Higgins' grief, Caridi acknowledged, "Was it inopportune timing? Yes." At least there's that.

It seems that the more time that passes, the more proof Bachelor fans receive that Caridi says whatever she wants, whenever she wants, and she doesn't really apologize for that. As far as her and Luyendyk's beef goes, it will probably continue. On the podcast episode when she called Higgins, she likened Luyendyk to a caterpillar who is, in her words, "gonna end up staying too long on the pavement and he's gonna burn." It very well may be Caridi doing the burning, too.