Ben Is Still Defending Olivia Post-'Bachelor'

Fans all know that every season of The Bachelor has to have a villain. It's would never work without one. They usually need to establish themselves or be forcibly established by some sly editing within the first couple of episodes. My money was immediately on Lace Morris after she started berating Ben Higgins within the first 4.5 seconds of getting a rose but alas, she removed herself from the equation and Bachelor contestant Olivia Caridi has stepped into her place. But, personally, I think she is getting kind of a bad editing job, because Ben has made it known that he still thinks highly of Olivia.

Sure, she is a little outspoken and can be slightly braggadocious about every interaction she has with Ben, but I don't think she's reached Fatal Attraction-level villainess quite yet. Unfortunately for Olivia, the other contestants sure seem to disagree with that assessment. The Bachelor ladies have banded together and not just to date one man. They have unified in their collective disdain for Olivia. Part of it seems like it stems from jealousy. Ben has given her a lot of attention and affection since bestowing her with the highly coveted First Impression Rose and she is always quick to remind the group where she stands.

I'm sure it would be nice to have all of her fellow contestants adore her and want to braid her hair, but I imagine Olivia really only cares about one person's opinion. That one person would probably be the tall drink of water that she is attempting to win the heart of at the moment. Ben is really the only one she needs to keep on her side and from the sounds of it, she has remained successful in that endeavor even now.

According to ET Online, Ben thinks that people need to just give Olivia time to showcase her personality more. He was quoted as saying, "I’m excited for everyone to get to know Olivia more, I think she — her personality and her character — kind of develops over time and everybody will get to know Olivia a lot better even starting this week." That certainly sounds like he believes she is a better person than the show is portraying.

Even last week when Ben seemed to suddenly see how much the other contestants loathe her, he still didn't quite condemn her in any way. He simply acknowledged the tension.

From the looks of it, Ben is still very much in the business of defending Olivia. I personally think their chemistry is blinding him a bit, but Olivia is also getting pegged as far more of a villain than she actually is. No matter how the last rose rolls out, I see those two staying close — even if it's just as friends.

Images: Rick Rowell, Eniac Martinez/ABC