Olivia Newton John Still Has Her Iconic 'Grease' Pants — And You Could Own Them Soon


There are some fashion items that will forever go down in history. And that's the case with the skin-tight black pants Olivia Newton-John rocked as Sandy in the iconic film Grease. According to People, Olivia Newton-John still has the pants from Grease. Yes, the Bad Sandy pants are still alive and well. They could just end up in your closet very, very soon.

The ending scene of Grease could just be the most iconic film moment of all time. Newton-John goes from a preppy, all-white wearing character to her altar ego, which, of course, dresses in all black. But the pants didn't get left at the scene of the movie. The actress has been hiding the pants in her closet for 40 years now, and she's pulling them out for a great cause.

“I have them and I’m going to auction them off for my hospital this year,” Newton-John told People.

In case you're a little confused, let me break it down. The actress founded the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Research Center in Heidelberg, Australia. Although she didn't specify, this is likely the hospital she is talking about.

There's no word on when the auction will be or when, but this is pretty darn exciting. You should start saving now, because with such an iconic item being sold for such a great cause, these will likely sell for more than your average thrift store leather pants.

That wasn't the only detail that she shared about these pants, either. According to the publication, Newton-John had to be sewn into her pants on set, because the zipper was broken. Unfortunately, that means the winner of the auction won't be able to wear them around easily.

“It was the ’70s [when Grease was filmed, and] those pants were from the ’50s. They were old already and the zipper was gone, so they stitched me in,” Newton-John told People. “Of course, you can imagine: I’d have to pee, [so] they had to unpick it and stitch me up again!”

While the pants weren't exactly custom-made, they were pretty much formed for the actress. So it only makes sense that she got to keep them after the dance scene was done. She also told the publication that John Travolta had to talk her into the role, so we really have him to thank for this moment, too.

People love old movie outfits being auctioned off, and that's a fact. Back in 2015, Dorothy's Wizard Of Oz dress sold for $1.5 million at a New York-based auction. Other auctioned off outfits include Maria's wedding dress from The Sound Of Music and, more recently, select looks and props from The Mindy Project.

There's a good chance that Newton-John's pants will sell for well over $1 million, especially because every single cent of proceeds will go towards the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Research Center. It doesn't sound like it will be an emotional day for the actress though. She told People that she didn't even watch the movie for a long time because it made her cringe.

“I think I was telling someone before that in the early days when we did the movie, I used to watch it and cringe. Like, why did I do that and I could have done that,” she said. “But now, with all the time and the people [who] love it, I can relax and enjoy it.”

Ethan Miller/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

There is no word on when the auction will be as of Jan. 29. Until then, you can always scour the thrift shop to get your own look-a-like pair.