This Is What Happened After The Shooting In 'On My Block'

John O Flexor/Netflix

Spoilers ahead for the On My Block Season 2 premiere. Ever since her ill-fated quinceañera in Season 1, audiences have been waiting to find out Olivia's fate in On My Block. And while we finally know what happened to both her and Ruby (Jason Genao), fans may wish they hadn't. The first episode of On My Block Season 2 reveals that Olivia was killed at her birthday party, while Ruby survived. It's a horrific thing to happen to anyone, let anyone teenagers, and it's clear that the whole neighborhood is shaken.

Audiences will recall that in Season 1, Cesar (Diego Tinoco) got mixed up in the Santos gang through his older brother, Spooky (Julio Macias). And after someone from a rival gang pulled a gun on Monse (Sierra Capri) and Cesar, Spooky told his little brother to shoot Latrelle (Jahking Guillory) before the situation escalated. Caught between a rock and a hard place, Cesar chose to have mercy on Latrelle, telling him to run away in order to stage his death.

Unfortunately, Latrelle showed up at Olivia's quinceañera and shot both Ruby and Olivia.

A new addition to the friend group, Olivia came to stay with Ruby's family after her parents were deported to Mexico. However, the ninth grader was quick to tell his friends that although they were family, they weren't family family, so his crush on her was totally fine. And although Olivia initially had the hots for Cesar, Ruby told her that he would be the love of her life. And in a way, he was.

As for Season 2, the story picks up a month after Olivia's 15th birthday, and Ruby has just come back from the hospital. He has a cast and is still in a great deal of pain but is generally OK — physically, that is. But while everyone is still grieving Olivia's death, it's also clear that her death wasn't an isolated incident. Audiences already know that Freeridge isn't exactly a safe neighborhood, and the opening shots of the season show various roadside memorials dedicated to other people who have been murdered.

And while others are processing Olivia's death, Ruby is still numb. His grandma takes him aside and asks why he isn't crying. He's always crying, so why not now? It doesn't hit him until the New Year's Eve firecrackers go off at midnight, which triggers some serious PTSD. He finally breaks down in sobs, and it's clear that Ruby is suffering from survivor's guilt.

And he's not alone — Cesar tells Ruby that he thinks it should have been him, since he was Latrelle's target. Ruby and Olivia were simply casualties, after all. But Ruby responds gracefully, telling his friend, "I don't blame you. You did the right thing. I've got nothing but love for you — it wasn't your fault." Although he's only a freshman, Ruby's always been the eloquent one in their friend group — sometimes to his detriment.

But here, his words are appropriate, since Cesar is obviously dealing with some heavy stuff. Not only is he feeling guilty about Olivia, but all of his friends' parents think he's dangerous (and rightfully so), since he's got a target on his back. As a result, no one will take him in, and since Spooky has kicked him out of the Santos, Cesar is currently homeless.

Olivia's death is certainly a somber way to start out the season, but it's clear by all of the gifts people have left by the roadside that she won't be forgotten anytime soon.