On A Digital Detox? 20 Story & Essay Collections To Read Instead Of Reaching For Your Phone

If you're trying to purge yourself of social media attachments, but find it hard to stop mindlessly scrolling Facebook and Twitter, I've picked out 20 story and essay collections to read on your digital detox.

Over the last several years, the humble social network has transformed from being a convenient means of staying in touch with friends into an integral part of everyday business relations. Every business has a social media presence these days, often with a dedicated staffers to manage it. Rather than simply being the place you go to find and share memes, your favorite social media network is now a place where people and corporations go to sell their products. That constant barrage of ads for skin products, clothing, diet plans, shoes, TV shows, medications, movies, home goods, restaurants, and more is really pretty exhausting to deal with, and that's not even including the horrible headlines — and worse, the comments underneath the headlines. And yet, we crave more of it.

Sometimes you just need to get away from all of that, which is why digital detoxing exists in the first place. If you're thinking of taking a break from your phone for a while, or if you're having trouble sticking to your no-social-media guns, the 20 books I've picked out for you below offer digestible stories and essays you can read instead of scrolling through your timeline of choice.