Scheana Calls Out Rob During This ‘Pump Rules’ Reunion Clip & Also Some Pigs Fly

Nicole Weingart/Bravo

If Vanderpump Rules fans thought they finally escaped Scheana Marie's relationship with Rob Valletta, they better think again. There is still the reunion to get through and, yes, the Vanderpump Rules Season 6 reunion includes Scheana discussing Rob. In a sneak peek from the episode, Scheana is seen talking about her former relationship with the man she continuously worshipped throughout the entire season.

The clip opens with Andy Cohen making fun of Scheana for talking non-stop about Rob, which she even plays along with. It's clear the SUR server understands she overdid it. Then, Scheana goes into her history with Rob starting from the moment they met. Rather than giving the shortened version of how they met, like Andy asked, Scheana discusses every detail possible, including the time they had their "first kiss at Disneyland when the snow fell and the fireworks went off".

Yes, everyone at the reunion is as annoyed as you probably are right now. Even Lisa Vanderpump wants her to wrap it up and says, "Can we do the short version of this?"

Things take a quick turn when Andy brings up the cheating rumors involving Rob brought up by Kristen Doute and Katie Maloney in Season 6. "That was the moment he pulled away," Scheana tells Andy through tears. (During an episode of the show, he and Scheana laughed off the rumor.)

Then, in a moment that will probably shock Pump Rules viewers, Scheana doesn't defend Rob, but rather calls him out — and even praises her ex-husband, Mike Shay. It's surprising to see Scheana basically slam Rob, rather than putting him on a pedestal. It's the complete opposite of how she treated him in Season 6, where Rob could never do any wrong — and could even hang a TV in under seven minutes.

"I never, ever, ever meant to discredit Shay, because he was f*cking amazing," Scheana says to Andy. "The thing about Shay was he had my back for all five seasons, even when he felt I threw him under the bus and put his addiction out there. He never left me because of the show."

However, Scheana says that's exactly what Rob did. She says they broke up about two weeks after filming for Season 6 concluded, which rubbed Scheana the wrong way. "Is this like a calculated [move]?" she asks. "It was like, 'Did you just stay with me to finish filming the show because you didn't want me to have a storyline of another breakup and deal with that?' Like, OK, thank you, I think?"

According to Scheana, Rob told her he waited to split with her so she didn't have another breakup storyline. Kristen's response to that? "Manipulation at its finest. Holy f*ck."

During Scheana's January Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen appearance, Rob phoned in and said they broke up because of her co-stars. "The truth is, it’s really hard in her circle of friends," he said. "Individually, when they’re by themselves, they're really great people. But you put that group of people together, they’re savages. They come after you, and it’s really hard to have a successful relationship with those people attacking you from all sides."

Scheana also told Andy at the time of WWHL she was willing to leave the show for Rob, but he wouldn't let her. "I would never let her do that," Rob said. "At the end of the day, you know, I know how important the show is to her and I support her with that."

While chatting with Bustle in March, Scheana said about her split with Rob, "He stuck it out as long as he could in this world and then once we wrapped filming, I think it was just kind of like that weight was lifted and he kind of needed his space from the whole reality world altogether."

She also told Bustle at the time that they were "on good terms" and "will always love and respect each other and support each other". That said, Scheana said they hadn't spoken as much as they previously did, because it was too hard for her. "It was just weighing too heavy on my heart being close with someone I was no longer close with in other ways," she explained.

If anything, it's clear Scheana and Rob's split affected the Pump Rules star greatly. As sad as Scheana may be about their breakup, fans are probably happy to have a Rob-free zone come Season 7 — unless they get back together.