Looks Like Cheating Has Claimed Another ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Relationship

Isabella Vosmikova/Bravo

Oy with the poodles already, Vanderpump Rules (producer: Sandra Bansil) viewers! Not only have two relationships been under fire in the first handful of episodes of Season 6, another one could be joining them. Scheana and her new beau, Rob, look happy on the outside, but it may not be as picture-perfect as it seems. If he did cheat on her, are Vanderpump Rules' Rob and Scheana still together?

Firstly this season, Jax had sex with former SURver Faith (next to an old lady, a patient that she as a home health aide was helping, which, I can’t). Then, Tom Schwartz did what Tom Schwartz does and drank too much. After drinking too much on a weekend where his wife, Katie, was in New York, Schwartz found another girl to make out with and did so, in the middle of a Los Angeles club. Scheana has been watching the world burn all around her, but it may be that her chickens have come home to roost. In the preview for the Jan. 8 episode, Kristen tells Scheana that another SURver saw Rob out on the town and kissing a woman who was not Scheana. This will hit Scheana especially hard, especially because she has been fawning all over this dude since the season started.

Scheana wasn’t even officially divorced from soon-to-be ex-husband Michael Shay when this was going down, and a few of her friends expressed on the show (but not to Scheana, of course) that maybe Scheana should slow her roll so she doesn’t get hurt again. Well, that didn’t happen, and while we’ll have to wait for the episode in order to see how this is all handled, I can say that Scheana and Rob are definitely not together right now. Scheana told US Weekly in December, “You’ll see a lot of me with Rob on the show, probably not a lot outside of that, because we’re not together right now. We’re still friends, we’re good, just timing-wise with where our careers are both at right now, it’s not a good time for a relationship, which we both agreed on.”

Scheana hasn’t given up hope, though. She also told Page Six in December that she thinks she and Rob will get hitched one day. “We have every intention of getting married one day and having a family, but we just don’t know when that day will be. I’m like, that’s going to be one hell of a story to tell the grandkids, grandma and grandpa couldn’t get it together for 13 years, but now they’ve been married for 50.”

The only people who know why Rob and Scheana broke up are Rob and Scheana, and I can’t speculate whether or not cheating played a part in it. We’ll just have to wait for the episode. In the meantime, it seems like Scheana has bounced back from their breakup — she just started her stint in the Las Vegas production of Sex Tips For Straight Women From A Gay Man (you may remember that Real Housewives star Sonja Morgan starred in the off-Broadway version), and she’s posting a lot of selfies and photo shoot shots on her Instagram. So, it’s basically business as usual.

In a way, this season of Vanderpump Rules (did you know Lisa Vanderpump executive produced 34 episodes of her own show?) has been so disappointing to me because of the fact that virtually none of the couples — save for Tom and Ariana, who are having their own issues — can stay faithful and maintain a relationship. If you don’t want a boyfriend or a girlfriend, you don’t have to have one, so why cheat? Why hurt your partner if an open relationship is not the relationship you’ve agreed upon? It’s mean, and it’s immature to not just be honest. Scheana and Rob have parted ways, and if it had anything to do with Rob being unfaithful, she definitely deserves better.