‘One Tree Hill’ Is Coming To Hulu Very Soon & It’ll Instantly Make Your Day

by Emily Mae Czachor
Warner Bros. Television Distribution

To all those diehard One Tree Hill enthusiasts still mourning the show's Netflix departure back in October: Your grievances have been heard, and the days of relying on that DVD box set you've had stowed away since 2004 have just about reached their end. One Tree Hill is coming to Hulu starting on Feb. 1, according to BuzzFeed. Yes, all nine glorious seasons of it.

In a licensing move that might be best described as "the contract cut that launched a thousand complaints" (almost 5,000 and counting now, and that's just one petition), Netflix officially gave One Tree Hill the boot on Oct. 1, after reportedly forgoing a renewed deal with the CW series. But, while Netflix was shifting its lineup to focus more heavily on original programming rather than acquired content, Hulu was forging a deal with Warner Bros., BuzzFeed reported. The new partnership between the streaming platform and the big-league TV distributor is responsible for One Tree Hill's imminent Hulu debut, in addition to the upcoming debuts of WB-owned series Everwood and Living Single.

A popular One Tree Hill Twitter account confirmed the news on Thursday, Jan. 11, in an appropriately emphatic, all-caps tweet that read, "PSA: ONE TREE HILL IS BEING PUT ON @HULU ON FEBRUARY 1ST! RETWEET TO MAKE SOMEONE'S DAY." In a snarky follow-up to its original tweet, the account wrote, "Also, @Netflix, don't be surprised when the @Hulu stocks rise dramatically." (The post also threw in a GIF of Brooke Davis, Sophia Bush's cheerleader with a heart of gold, flaunting her best victory side-eye.)

At the time, former One Tree Hill star Chad Michael Murray reacted to the decision to remove the show from Netflix with a tweet that might have just as easily been penned by Murray's level-headed character Lucas: "Netflix has had #OTH & I hear its removing it from their catalog. Remember- U r all the heartbeat of OTH & becoz of that it'll never b gone!"

It seems Murray's intuitions were spot-on. And, judging by the elated fan response to Hulu's announcement, it's safe to say the move is cause for some serious celebration.

It's only been three months since One Tree Hill was relegated to its current status as one of the most-missed Netflix exiles, but fans of the soapy teen drama have made it clear that the show's absence has been distressing. Loyal fans even filled the One Tree Hill-shaped void in their lives with Change.org petitions (of which there are at least 11, begging for the show to come back), along with by periodic bouts of sadness on Twitter.

Because, if there's one thing One Tree Hill fans have proven over these last few months, it's this: They are a force to be reckoned with, and almost nothing can dissuade them of their perennial adoration of the show. In fact, after Netflix's October 2017 "coming's and going's" list revealed that One Tree Hill would get the axe, frantic fans immediately took to social media, pleading with the powerhouse entertainment company to reverse its decision — to no avail.

Still, Netflix users' widespread heartache made for some truly sad tweets (some of which also managed to be a little hilarious).

As Netflix continues its reported transition toward original content, Hulu is snagging the streaming platform's former titles left and right. As BuzzFeed reported, formerly Netflix-owned series like Lost and The X-Files now stream on Hulu, as well as titles like The Golden Girls, Seinfeld, and Animaniacs. Even better, Hulu's upcoming One Tree Hill addition suggests there's probably more spurned Netflix real estate where that came from, which means that the next time a beloved show is on Netflix's outgoing list, fans may not have to give up hope of easily streaming the episodes.