Oprah Opened Up About Date Nights With Stedman & They Sound Incredibly Down-To-Earth

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For the most part, Oprah Winfrey can afford to do whatever she wants. With that said, Stedman Graham has to live a pretty luxurious life as her longtime partner, right? Well, maybe not — or at least not all the time. It turns out that Oprah Winfrey loves cooking for Stedman Graham, and they're a pretty low-key couple for the most part.

According to an article from E! News, there was an "Ask a Staffer" segment on the Instagram account for O, The Oprah Magazine. The talk show icon was asked about her perfect date night with her man. She shared,

"Well, I am a really good cook and the wonderful thing about Stedman is in all the years that I've been cooking for him, no matter what it is — even if it's a piece of toast like the other day I made an English muffin and he's like, 'Where did you get this English muffin?' and I'm like, 'It's an English muffin.'"

Wow, this billionaire actually makes her own English muffin and one for her man? She doesn't have to do that. She could very easily hire multiple people to do that for her, but she is just so down-to-earth. She's always seemed very chill, even though she is very wealthy and could be over-the-top if she wanted to be.

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The other cute part of that anecdote was that Graham has so much praise for his longtime girlfriend. The mogul revealed, "He is delighted with anything that I make, so my favorite date night is to make him black-eyed peas and cornbread as a surprise for dinner." She emphasized, "That's all you need!"

It's actually pretty surprising that she even discussed a date night with her boyfriend at all, because she's been very private about their romance for the last three decades.

During the very first episode of Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop podcast, Winfrey revealed why she is so discreet about her romantic relationship: "I stopped making as many public appearances with Stedman because I realized that every time there’s a new photograph, there’s a new story." That's true with most high-profile celebrities, but it's especially accurate with a star of her caliber.

Even so, that doesn't mean that she hasn't talked about their relationship before. In fact, she's actually talked about Graham's praise for her cooking before. On a November 2017 episode of Harry, Harry Connick Jr. asked, "What is it like just kickin' it at y'all's house?"

She initially answered, "Saturday morning, I'm making breakfast." And then she got into great detail, and there were some common elements with her English muffin story that she shared on Instagram.

At first she started to talk about the actual pancakes, saying, "I make him blueberry pancakes. I do a special blueberry sauce jam myself." Then she went on a sweet tangent about her boyfriend:

"This is the thing that is so wonderful about Stedman, who's just been steadfast in my life and has wanted the best for me and has never ever felt like he was in my shadow, but always pushing me to the light. That's what you want. So it's a Saturday morning and I made breakfast, every single time without fail, if I make a pancake he will say, 'This is the best pancake I've ever had.'"

There are so many things to praise Oprah Winfrey for. She is an accomplished businesswoman. She is a humanitarian. She is an entertainer. Nevertheless, Stedman Graham just appreciates her for the simple things she does, like toasting an English muffin or making some pancakes.