These New Oreo "Joy Fills" Were Tailor Made For People Obsessed With Oreo Stuffing

Oreos are ~officially~ milk's favorite cookie, but it could be argued the sweet sandwiches are also the favorite cookie of the United States as a whole. Since the confection's debut more than a century ago, Oreos have become a kitchen staple. The chocolatey wafers and creamy filling is an incomparable marriage of flavors and texture, sure to slay any sweet tooth. But would you still love Oreos if they were not in the form of their signature sandwich? With the release of the new Oreo Joy Fills, you can now test your devotion to the treat.

As found by Instagrammer @NewsFoodUK, Oreo Joy Fills are the sweet snack combination you didn't know you needed. The account reports that the cookie nuggets have a wafer-like outer shell similar to that of Chocolate Krave cereal, but possess a deep chocolate flavor like a traditional Oreo. The inside of each nugget is overflowing with the sugary filling of an Oreo you all know and love. In a caption that accompanies a photo of the treat, Instagrammer @NewFoodsUK described the overall mouthfeel as, "a very tasty snack," with, "...a lovely tasting Oreo cream filling." The account also adds they believe the snack would be even better as a cereal. Can you imagine? Never again will you get your hand stuck in a glass while fishing for a dropped Oreo.

There are no visible downsides to an Oreo Joy Fill, but as you may have seen coming after looking at the aforementioned Instagrammer's username, these sweet nuggets are only available across the pond right now. Perhaps in the future, folks in the U.S. will be able to snag some Oreo nugget pseudo-cereal. But for now they may just have to stick with chowing down on Oreo's other notable summer releases.

Earlier this summer, Oreo (in the United States) teamed up with ice cream powerhouse Good Humor to craft two brand new ice cream-inspired flavors of cookie. The Good Humor Strawberry Shortcake Oreos feature whipped strawberry shortcake flavored crème and strawberry flavored pieces sandwiched between two golden Oreo wafers. The Rocky Road Trip flavored Oreos feature rocky road flavored crème packed with marshmallow and soy nut bits sandwiched between two classic chocolate Oreo cookies. If you're skeptical about a room temperature treat being inspired by a chilly one, trust that Good Humor knows what they're doing with this matter. The company is behind TWO ice cream treats that include the cookie. The Oreo Dessert Bar and Oreo Cone are nothing short of legendary.


Nabisco, the makers of Oreo, has not forgotten about those who run solely on iced coffee during the hot summer months. A few months ago, the brand partnered with International Delight, a company who is mainly known for producing coffee creamer, to create Limited Edition Oreo Iced Coffee. A creamer that tastes like Oreo as opposed to milk in which you dip Oreos? What a time to be alive.

If you have a chance to hop across the pond any time soon, keep an eye out for Oreo Joy Fills. In the mean time, you may just have to settle for these other sweet Oreo-themed treats. What a sacrifice.