Oscars 2017 Party Games That Will Help Ensure Your Viewing Party Is Lit

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

So you're having an Oscars party and you think you have it all figured out. You've got the chips, you've got the dip, you've got the cheap champagne, you've got cubes of cheese and toothpicks and cocktail napkins and salted nuts — you even removed the tin lid from the can of the latter! In other words, you're feeling pretty proud of yourself. But, before you do your happy "I'm slaying the Oscars" hostess dance, you might want to consider thinking up some activities — you know, like games. Like fun stuff. Like organized playtime.

I know it might sound like overkill, what with the actual Oscars to keep you entertained and all, but anytime you have a big group of people in one place, there's going to be a social party vibe. So while there are plenty of snacks and star-studded moments to keep people interested, even the most mature adults will benefit from some organized games and activities. It keeps everyone interacting and makes the mood a little bit more fun and light.

So just for the sake of fool-proofing your Oscar party, here are a few simple-to-follow games that you might want to consider bring out for your guests. Because no one ever complained about a party being too much fun, amirite?



Print out some Oscar bingo cards and leave a stack on the table for your guests to play. For stakes, make sure you have some candy or treats for the winner, just to make the victory a little sweeter.

Fashion Police


Have each guest write down some notes on who they think slayed the hardest on the red carpet. Just before the awards begin, go over your lists and tally up the votes for the best dressed.

Candy Bet


Have each guest write down their predictions for the winners of each category. Whoever gets the most wins correct, gets to take home a big ol' sack of candy... because no one needs to go broke with money bets at an Oscar-viewing party.

IMDb Trivia


Before your guests arrive, check out the IMDb trivia sections of some of the movies that are nominated. Make a list that alternates between real trivia facts and made up facts and read them aloud to your guests. Whoever can determine the difference between the most truths and lies wins.

Who Knows The Winner Best


Every time a winner is named, have your guests compete to be the biggest know-it-all. Whoever can spew the most validated facts about the current winner on stage, wins.

Remember Last Year?


For each category winner, have your guests wrack their brains to remember who won that very category the year before. Whoever can blurt it out the quickest, wins.