OUAI's Smooth Spray Is The Multipurpose Product Of Your Hair Dreams

Sara Tan

It's hard enough as it is finding time to dry and style your hair, so it's likely you skip using heat protectants and leave-in conditioners when you're in a rush to get out the door. But OUAI's new Smooth Spray is here to speed up your hair process, while also making your mane shinier, smoother, and stronger. (Oh, and smell better, too, because that's just as important.)

According to a recent study conducted by, the average woman will spend approximately $55,000 on grooming and styling her hair over a lifetime. The Daily Mail also reported that a majority of that number is spent on haircuts, color jobs, hot tools, and hairspray. But what about taking care of the actual health of your hair? Though not as popular as the rest, treatment products are on the rise, and brands like OUAI are here to make sure your mane is as healthy as it is fabulous.

OUAI's new Smooth Spray, which launches on Aug. 1, is more than just, well, a smooth spray. It aims to nourish and hydrate your hair (like a leave-in conditioner), protect your strands from blowdryers and styling tools (like a heat protectant), and reduce frizz and fly-aways (like a styling cream or hair oil). And since you're supposed to use it on damp hair before brushing and/or heat styling, OUAI's Smooth Spray also acts as a detangler.


OUAI Smooth Spray, $26, The Ouai

I had the chance to try the product before it launched and I can attest that the Smooth Spray did everything as promised. This could be due to the fact that I never, ever use hydrating hair oils or leave-in conditioners, so I was very impressed with how shiny and smooth my hair appeared. But even if you're an avid hair treatment kind of person and those products work for you, they'll likely not get the job done half or even a quarter as quickly as the Smooth Spray will. You don't have to wait ten or even five minutes for the product to work its nourishing magic, like you would a normal leave-in conditioner. You're free to style away immediately after misting it onto your damp hair. After blowdrying and styling my hair, my mane looked shinier and less frizzy than normal. It also didn't look or feel oily, due to the lightweight, watery texture of the spray.

Sara Tan

(Left: Before applying Smooth Spray; Middle: Immediately after spraying Smooth Spray; Right: After blowdrying and styling)

It's difficult and probably too soon to tell whether or not the heat protectant part is actually working, but I'm hoping that the product's hydrolyzed proteins, amino acid blend, and panthenol and vitamin E ingredients are quietly working away and doing their job to fortify and protect my strands.

While the Smooth Spray might seem like it promises lot, Jen Atkin is the Queen of making multi-purpose products that totally deliver. Case in point: OUAI's Memory Mist, which not only helps remember how you styled your hair, but it also protects from heat while giving your 'do a little bit of a texture and grit. There's also OUAI's Rose Hair & Body Oil, which can be used to smooth frizz on your head, hydrate your skin all over your body, and act as a delicious fragrance.

It makes sense why OUAI has so many products like these — Atkin knows better than anyone how crucial double (or triple) duty products are for the modern woman (or man) on the go. OUAI's CEO is constantly traveling, styling one celebrity's head of hair after the next. If you're hesitant about using two-in-one products, just remember: If Smooth Spray works for Atkin when she's prepping Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner to walk down red carpets, it's probably good enough for our everyday hair, too.

I wish I had the patience to care for my hair the way I do my skin, but I just don't. And for that reason, I'm grateful that OUAI's new Smooth Spray has entered my life, making me feel less guilty about neglecting my locks. If you're looking for a multi-purpose product that can give your hair a lot of love in a little bit of time (and make it look fly AF as a result), OUAI's newest product might be your new go-to.