Outdoor Voices Just Released Fleece & It Will Keep You Toasty AF This Winter

When it starts getting cold out, most of us have a tendency to lock ourselves behind doors and begin our hibernation. But activewear Outdoor Voices is about to elevate your winter game, determined to keep you outdoors even after the pumpkin farms pack up. OV Outdoors is a new line of fleeces, expanding Outdoor Voices from their iconic leggings and sports bras, and introducing a whole new essentials kit for chilly days outside.

Fall days are full of all sorts of fun activities, including everything from walks in the woods to watch the changing foliage, to apple picking for those Instagram shots, to walking pretty mountain trails bundled up in your favorite beanies. But once snow starts falling, a switch flips and we're only outside when we absolutely have to be.

But OV Outdoors will let you bundle up but still look stylish when the temperatures drop, giving you an incentive to see what's going on behind the door. Granted, there's no escaping looking like a marshmallow when things get really cold, but at least you will be colorful and fashionably layered.

The line is inspired by the colors of a sunset, offering a cheerful pop of color to your black and grey wardrobe. It's designed to offer you layering solutions with natural fabrics like Merino, keeping you toasty. Ranging from $55-$135, it has everything from fleece zip-ups to knit leggings.

Previously, fleece was only reserved for '90s athleisure or college campuses, where the fuzzy material was in everyone's rotation come freshman year, complete with a pair of Ugg boots, messy bun, and Starbucks mug. Granted, you can totally still wear all of those accessories with this new collection, but this time around it has a more fun, playful aesthetic. Featuring shades of lilac purple, light pink, sunny orange, simmering red, and bright yellow, the happy colors will have you itching to layer up and head outside.

The collection has a vague '90s feel, too, and knowing how we all have a soft spot for nostalgia and the decade of our childhood, the high waist baggy shorts and cropped fleece fit right in. Take a peek at some of the collection below.

Shop the collection today and stock up on your new sporty winter wardrobe!