Packed Party x Soap & Glory Is The Perfect Way To Celebrate Women's History Month With Your Ladies

It's officially Women's History Month. Now that March is here, and we've all seen the brilliant display of woman power that was the Democratic women dressed in white during Donald Trump's speech, it's time to celebrate with your own ladies. Packed Party x Soap & Glory's Women's History Month pack is the perfect way to show the women in your life — sister, friend, mom, or grandmother — how much you love their lady bomb-ness. While not all ladies love beauty products, for the ladies in your life who do, the pack is a great gift to give to say thanks for being a really cool lady.

What exactly is in the Packed Party x Soap & Glory box? It's packed full of the brand's incredible products. From the Clean On Me moisutrizing shower gel to the lip plumping gloss, it's got everything a lover of bath and body products could want. While the products are great — and full sized — it's the message behind the package that's so great.

Sure, you can treat yourself with the package — and you totally should — but celebrating Women's History Month means celebrating not only female pioneers through history but the women in your every day life as well. Sending the Pack Party x Soap & Glory box to a friend of yourself is a great way to celebrate one another because sisterhood is important.

Alongside five products from Soap & Glory, recipients of the Go, Girl , Go! box will also receive a pair of golden bike stud earrings as well as a set of high five sticky notes. Let's be honest, who doesn't want a high five some days?

The package officially became available today, March 1, and it's an incredible value on top of being adorable. At $58, the package is basically a steal considering that according to the Packed Party Instagram it contains over $100 in products.

If you want to celebrate the women in life and send them something special for Women's History Month, the Packed Party x Soap & Glory package is perfect.