Paperless Post’s Postcards Are Perfect To Send To Congress

by Kiersten Hickman
Courtesy of Paperless Post

Sometimes you just don't have time to write out a card or a letter. Having to buy the supplies, get a stamp, and mail it off can be tedious work during a busy day. I get it. Which is why (if you're politically active) Paperless Post is here to rescue you! Forget having to shop for supplies to write your representative a letter when you can easily send a Paperless Post postcard to Congress representatives in a few easy steps.

Paperless Post is selling postcards with a set of nine designs to choose from for your letter to the government. These designs were created to represent iconic political graphics from previous decades, dating back even as far as the '70s. The reason for these designs is to spark political action and civic engagement no only amongst the community, but also nationwide.

This new collection can now be found on Paperless Post's site. So, if you've been waiting for the right opportunity to send your state representatives a letter with your concerns, then your moment is right now.

Now that you have the logistics of your letter to Congress all worked out, it's time to start writing! Not sure what to write? Here's a few things to remember when putting it together:

Introduce Yourself

You are a valued part of the community, as well as the nation. Let your representative know who you are and why you are that value.

Stay Specific

Although it is tempting to go through a laundry list of rants about all of the things that have been bugging you about politics lately, stay specific. Be clear on what you are writing in regards to, and why you have a problem with it.

Give Some Facts

A well-written letter is a well-researched letter. Don't just write about what you *think* is true about politics. Really understand the facts and the laws when you are writing, to show your representative that you really do know what you're talking about.

Be Polite

Peaceful conversations can lead to productive ones, which is why being polite is crucial in your letter. Yes, you are allowed to be upset. But people will be more inclined to engage with you if you are polite instead of caps-locking every sentence.

Thank Them For Their Work

Even if you disagree with a lot of what is going on, those representatives are in these political positions because they also want to incite change. Let them know you appreciate their work for the community, and that you look forward to more conversations and engaging ways that you can work together to fix what needs fixing.

Not sure who your local representatives are? Enter your zip code on this website to find out!