Paris Hilton Didn't Know She Was Dressing Up As Kim Kardashian While Modeling Yeezy & Wait, What?


It's fairly well documented that Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian have been friends for some time. After all, Kardashian did previously work for the socialite turned DJ. Now, though, Hilton did a favor for Kardashian, but Paris Hilton's Kim Kardashian themed Yeezy photo may have been a surprise to the socialite.

Fans of Kardashian basically had a field day when Hilton was revealed to be one of the models in the Yeezy campaign. Why? Because every participant was dressed up as Kardashian herself. As fans found out, she had been wearing husband Kanye West's new line in public for weeks before the launch, and when the collection did drop, so did look-a-like images of Kardashian.

According to an interview with Cosmopolitan, Hilton was completely in the dark about the idea behind the campaign until she donned a wig similar to Kardashian's platinum hair. Once she looked up from her phone and realized that she'd been transformed, she had a good laugh and sent photos to Kardashian who loved the look on Hilton.

The question is, was this a shady move? It certainly doesn't seem to be. In fact, Hilton went on to say, "I think the pictures turned out so beautiful, and I thought it was really awesome that Kim had all of her girlfriends do it."

What made people think Hilton as a "#KimClone" was a petty move? Well, there's Kardashian's history of being kind of savage (but in the most entertaining way possible).

Only a few weeks ago during the launch of her Kimoji Heart Fragrance, Kardashian took to social media to explain that she was sending the scents to everyone, including her haters. Next, fans saw a list of names on Post-It notes, and they were definitely the names of her "haters." Taylor Swift, Pink, and Piers Morgan were just a few of people listed, and she's had famous (or rather infamous) feuds with them all.

Even before Hilton's interview explaining that she didn't know she's be transformed into Kardashian hit the internet, Twitter users were already having a field day with the campaign images. After all, in the court of public opinion, Kardashian and Hilton have appeared to have a contentious friendship — though that appears to be over now.

Given their history in the spotlight, it was hard not to catch the irony of Hilton becoming Kardashian. After all, it seems that now Hilton has done work fo her former assistant, and for some, that's a total gag.

While the jokes were pretty plentiful when the campaign debuted, based on Hilton's Cosmopolitan interview, there's no bad blood. In fact, she goes on to explain that she's ordering wigs in the same style from the shoot because they remind her of the Mother of Dragons herself Daenerys Targaryen.

Plus, Hilton's fiance, Chris Zylk, even asked her to get him access to the line. Apparently, he's a huge fan of the men's division of Yeezy. It certainly appears that all things are cool on the Hilton-Kardashian front.

Thomas Niedermueller/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

While some may see to want to poke the celebrity feud bear, Paris Hilton's Yeezy Season 6 campaign image appears to be all in good fun. While there's alway the chance that Kardashian was being just a bit shady by not disclosing that she was the inspiration for the shoot, it's unlikely that fans will be hearing as much from the reality star.

While Hilton may not have known that she was becoming Kardashian, the images certainly made a splash, and Hilton seems to have loved them. It's probably fair to say that there's not much more to see here. And kudos to these two for ladies supporting ladies.