Paris Hilton’s New Song Lyrics Are An Over-The-Top Holiday Treat — VIDEO

Haven't gotten a card for your valentine yet? Just send them the lyrics to Paris Hilton's "I Need You" instead. Hilton's new song — one of the first she's dropped since the release of her self-titled debut 12 years ago — is a deliciously over-the-top holiday treat that will let that special person in your life know just how much you need them.

Let's be honest, though, Hilton's "I Need You" lyrics are incredibly extra, but in a way that seems totally acceptable on Feb. 14. It's the song equivalent of buying one of those 10-feet-tall teddy bears to show how much you care. Seriously, how often can you get away with saying something like this?

The answer is, not often, but on V-Day, no regrets. You're in love and you don't care who knows it, so sing your little heart out right along. And Hilton likely knew this, since "I Need You" isn't a new song. The track's actually been floating around the web as a demo for years now, according to Billboard, but Cupid would be happy to know it's now officially out in all its pop-produced glory.

To celebrate its release, Hilton even dropped a rose-filled video that is giving some serious American Beauty vibes, that is if it was produced by David Lynch. Not to mention, Hilton is doing her best Marilyn Monroe impression with those pinup girl poses.

Paris Hilton on YouTube

If you thought this was just a Valentine's Day song, though, think again. On "I Need You" Hilton is celebrating a year's worth of holidays. As she explains:

Oh, and Hilton might want to be his "forever Valentine," but she's not just interested in the big holidays. She wants her guy 24/7 365 days a year forever and always. Incase, you thought she was kidding, she makes this very clear with the lyrics:

This unfettered love song seems like a fitting musical comeback for Hilton, who just got engaged to her boyfriend of nearly two years, actor Chris Zylka, who proposed in the most over-the-top way. Literally, it was on top of a mountain while they were skiing in Aspen, Colorado over New Year's Eve weekend, and a photographer was there to document the whole thing.

Let's not even get started on Hilton's engagement ring, which is big enough to qualify as a bunny slope. According to People, Hilton's 20-carat engagement ring is worth $2 million.

Just like this song, Hilton's engagement is a lot to take in — but that's what fans love about her. When talking about her upcoming wedding, Hilton told Extra that she'd like to get married in multiple cities. “For my 21st birthday I had five parties," she said, "so maybe for the wedding I’ll have a European one, an American one, one for everyone around the world.”

Clearly, Hilton takes the attitude that you either go big or you go home. So this love song may be too much for some, but on Valentine's Day, it might be worth following Hilton's lead. That's why maybe you should forgo those overpriced roses and out of season chocolate-covered strawberries and say you care with this song courtesy of Hilton. Now, that's hot.