Things Are Still Ice Cold Between Ashley & Patricia From 'Southern Charm'

Brianna Stello/Bravo

Can you believe that Southern Charm Season 6 is almost at a close? With all of the petty nonsense that went down this season, time really flew by. And the best, it seems, is yet to come, as Ashley crashes Patricia’s party on Southern Charm in the Season 6 finale. Ashley went from BFF to persona non grata in Patricia’s eyes very quickly over the course of the last year and the elder socialite has a lot of opinions about Thomas Ravenel's pesky ex.

The first trailer for Season 6 of Southern Charm showed a formal event in which Ashley had to be escorted out while screaming something about telling the truth. The bad blood between Ashley and Patricia isn’t just about one event, though — it goes way back to a falling out between Thomas, Ashley, and Patricia in 2018. Patricia doesn’t usually say too much in the public about her foes, preferring probably to just eradicate them from Charleston society, but she couldn’t resist when Ashley announced that she wouldn’t be returning to Southern Charm for Season 6.

“After a lot of prayerful consideration, I have decided not to return to Southern Charm next season,” Ashley wrote on Instagram. Patricia poked back, proclaiming on her own Twitter, “After prayerful consideration, I’ve decided to decline the Nobel Peace Prize and the swimsuit cover of Sports Illustrated.” That's gotta sting.

Ashley either likes being a punching bag or really, really wanted a second chance on television, because she tried, via Eliza Limehouse, so hard to get on the show to pretend to apologize for all the mean things she said about Kathryn last season. Let’s give Eliza the benefit of the doubt because she is new to the show and maybe, just maybe, didn’t know what she was unleashing.

Patricia, though significantly older than the rest of the cast, wasn’t going to shy away from giving Ashley a piece of her mind and getting in on the drama. “[Ashley] made no bones about the fact that she was coming for me," Patricia told Entertainment Tonight. "In fact, I think the words were 'gunning,' she was gunning for me. So, as we know, I don’t put up with any drama or misbehavior if I can help it."

That would explain Ashley’s being thrown out of Patricia’s party, and it explains Patricia’s parting words when it comes to Ashley. "Let’s just say, I am happy with the end result of Ashley Jacobs," Patricia said. "I think people that have problems with her, it’s going to be cathartic. The show is going to be cathartic, they’re going to like it."

Patricia also answered plenty of questions on Twitter about Ashley filming for the show, and man, this woman is not going to play nice. And I suppose, why should she? Ashley has attacked Patricia on Twitter and attacked everyone Patricia loves IRL, so what's the point? Ashley would do best to move on at this point, because everyone else has — without her.