Peach Blur Is Joining Too Faced's Peaches & Cream Collection

by Kali Borovic

If you thought the initial news of Too Faced Peaches And Cream Collection was exciting, then you won't believe what's next. According to Co-Founder and master of makeup sneak peeks Jerrod Blandino's Instagram, Peach Blur will be a part of Too Faced's Peaches And Cream Collection. What is the product, you ask? Well, it's not exactly clear just yet. Either way, this is the first blurring products from the brand, so it's pretty darn exciting.

With Too Faced's Sweet Peach Collection earning Ulta's Launch of the Year Award, you didn't think they were going to slow down, did you? According to the social media announcements, another peachy set is on the way, and the brand isn't holding anything back. Blandino already shared photos of fruit-shaped compacts and lipsticks, but his recent sneak peeks are the best yet.

According to his most recent photo, the Peaches And Cream Collection will include Peach Blur. It's not exactly clear what this product is, but whether it's a powder compact or a primer it's still pretty darn exciting. Up until now the closest thing to a blurring product was their Primed & Poreless Face Primer. But even with the primer, the brand is very careful not to say anything about blurring in the description.

This isn't the only major announcement that Blandino has made about the collection recently, either. The co-founder shared a photo of the inside of the Just Peachy Mattes Eyeshadow Palette, which is filled with 12 gorgeous warm-toned shades. They all have adorable names, and Blandino also mentioned that there would be a brand new scent as well.

As always, Blandino left some hashtags on the post to give a little bit more information on the launch. According to the post, the Peaches And Cream Collection will be available this August. He also left hints that all of these products will be a Sephora exclusive. I don't know about you, but if you ask me this is pretty darn exciting.

So mark those calendars and get to saving! Because if this is anything like their original Sweet Peach Collection, these items will be flying off the virtual shelves.