Penn Badgley Teased That Joe Is Going Back To His Old Tricks In 'YOU' Season 2

by Parry Ernsberger
Courtesy of Lifetime

If you were hoping to see Joe turn the page on his perverse, serial killer tendencies, well ... that's not going to happen. Not according to Penn Badgley's tease about YOU Season 2, as Deadline recently reported. While Badgley's character, Joe Goldberg, might be getting a fresh start in a different city this time around, it sounds like his new home won't be able to prevent him from going back to his old, creepy, stalker ways.

During Deadline's "The Contenders Emmys" panel on Sunday, April 7, Badgley and co-creator, executive producer, and writers Greg Berlanti and Sera Gamble opened up about the making of Netflix's hit psychological thriller. In describing Joe — an ever-scheming, murderous stalker with a boy-next-door exterior — Badgley said that he's "the hero of his own story — every serial killer is." He also called his character "unsaveable," which indicates that fans won't see him changing any time soon.

So, what exactly can fans expect from Joe in Season 2? Well, for starters, we know that "his search for love takes him to Hollywood where dreams can be made or shattered," as Deadline reported back in November. There — according to Badgley at The Contenders Emmys panel — Joe will engage in "lots of masturbation and dissolving bodies. You’ll love it," he added.

Ah, yes. "Masturbation and dissolving bodies." The most lovable of classic past-times — for Joe, at least. In L.A., those *hobbies* will be geared towards the entrapment of someone who doesn't sound all that different from Beck, his previous obsession seen in Season 1 of YOU.

Beck was an aspiring writer with some deep-seated daddy issues. Joe's new crush, Love Quinn (played by Victoria Pedretti from Haunting of Hill House), is "an aspiring chef ... tending to a deep grief — so when she meets Joe she senses a shared knowledge of profound loss," according to a post from Netflix on Twitter.

So, both of the women that Joe chooses to pursue on the show are creative and ambitious, but also emotionally vulnerable. Do we sense a pattern, perhaps?

Maybe. On the other hand, though, there's one major, notable difference between Beck and Love — one that could make stalking a tad more difficult for Joe. During an interview with Entertainment Weekly back in February, Gamble noted that Beck was "ambitious and driven ... as a young person in a social circle that had a certain kind of status," and "had been quite aware of her social media presence."

Love, however, "is extremely disinterested in all of that," Gamble explained. "Like her name, she’s very warm and there is a carefree aspect to her spirit that really comes from the fact that she has constructed a life for herself that’s about being in the moment and doing what she loves every day," the showrunner added.

Aside from some other casting news, that's kind of all we know so far about the second season of YOU. If you liked the first season, though, you're in luck — because it sounds like Joe definitely hasn't changed, and probably won't be any time soon.