People Are Blending Makeup On Their iPhones Now

Makeup artists have been known to try out some pretty wild techniques. From applying makeup with a condom or an egg to contouring your nose with a fork, people come up with some weird ish (and it's only sometimes a good idea). But just when you think you've seen it all, the MUAs of the internet have presented us with another odd trend: blending makeup on your iPhone. And I'm sorry, but ew.

15-year-old beauty guru Jake Warden seems to have started the trend. In a tutorial on his Instagram, he casually uses the back of his rose gold iPhone to blend up a custom foundation shade mid-way through the video. In a second video, he added highlighter to the mix before applying it with a Beautyblender.

I'm all for innovative makeup application and experimenting with techniques, and I can see why the smooth surface of an iPhone would be an appealing place to mix up custom shades and add liquid highlighter for a little extra glow. But let's step back a sec: Studies have shown that your phone carries more bacteria than a toilet seat. And you don't see anyone applying their favorite products off one of those. (Oh, please don't let that be next.)

Props to Warden on the creativity, but this is pretty much asking to spread more bacteria to your face, which can cause breakouts. Granted, I might be a bit of a hypocrite here β€” I could absolutely be better about keeping my application tools clean, because those can harbor a ton of germs, too. (Note to self: clean my Beautyblender and makeup brushes.)

As Teen Vogue points out, Warden isn't the only one on the iPhone-meets-makeup palette bandwagon. Other Instagram makeup artists are jumping on, too.

Of course, this 'grammer wrote in the caption that her phone was clean before she tried it out (I would hope Warden's was, too). So if you are desperate to test the trend, I'd recommend cleaning your phone really, really well beforehand. That said, considering just how disgusting we know phones are, I probably wouldn't trust a disinfecting wipe to do the job. At least, not well enough to blend makeup on it.