People Are Matching Their Hair To Their Makeup

Matching your makeup to your outfit can sometimes feel like a move reserved for the older generations, but the way that beauty lovers are doing it right now makes it super modern. People are matching their hair to their makeup, and the results look amazing, especially if they have out-of-the-box hair colors.

Elizabeth Arden was one of the first beauty mavens to declare that matching your makeup to your clothes was essential to looking put-together, but this new trend takes it a step further. Rather than pairing just the right shade of pink that's found in your cardigan onto your eyelids, you're trying to line up the kaleidoscope colors in your hair to your smoky eyeshadow. And as you can expect, it makes for a dazzling look.

Those with pastel teal reach for green lipstick tubes to bring out the electric hues in their strands, and some with pastel pink opt for a peachy eyeshadow palette to really bring that rose-theme home. It makes for an interesting aesthetic, where — in theory — there should be an overload of one color, but really it just looks creative and playful. Not only does it make the hair color pop, but it lets the wearer experiment with some of the non-standard makeup colors in their beauty arsenal.

It really gets interesting when you have more than one hair color — that's when you can really play up the palettes on your face. If you have a tumble of rainbow colors going through your locks, you can create a smoky eye using those same color palettes, or pick your favorite shade and tease it out with that same liquid lipstick.

"Those with gorgeous rainbow ombré hair are now using it as inspiration for the rest of their look — even their eyebrows. We're seeing everything from cotton candy all-pink to complementary orange-and-blue combos," PopSugar reported. It make for a bold and fun-loving look.

But what about those that have standard hair colors? Those that have brown hair are well and used to rocking a smokey brown shadow, but are they used to trying out a brown or bronze lipstick color? Blondes can easily try out the highlighter-yellow eyeshadow trend that's making waves during the summer season (or bright yellow eyeliner,) and redheads are more than welcome to pick out a bright red lipstick tube. The possibilities are endless and open to all. If you're looking to try something new in the makeup department, this is definitely a trend to dabble in.