People Are Now Getting The Same Manicures As Their Cats

Wang He/Getty Images News/Getty Images

If you're BFFs with your cat, chances are you want to do everything together. From cancelling happy hour drinks so you can both hang out on the couch, to coordinating your outfit to their collar, cat lovers have the potential to be hardcore. That's why getting the same manicure as your cat is the new amazing trend that needs to pick up steam immediately — imagine getting to pad around the house rocking the exact same sparkle mani as Fluffy. Other than getting matching sweaters that your cat would be sure to rip off almost immediately, this is the only other way to coordinate your look together. It's too cute for words, and not to mention incredibly stylish. Your cat would never have looked quite so glam.

The whole idea started on Twitter, when Cristi Hanzel, a 19 year-old from California, went to go get her nails done. Leaving with a light purple glittery shade, she decided to pop into Target to shop, where she noticed they sold claw caps in the exact same shade as her new manicure. Inspiration struck and she decided to twin it with her kitten. What better way to show your bond then to have the exact same manicure?

And people loved it. "But somehow her photo with her cat — which has a conservative 18 retweets — was picked up by The Internet. And it quickly went hugely viral, being re-shared by various, envious strangers. "How I'm trying to be," one user, @Necromancer_95, wrote. His tweet has been retweeted nearly 30,000 times," Buzzfeed reported.

People quickly started joining in on the fun, sharing their own matching manis. One cat lover was sporting blue tips:

While a dog owner got the same champagne shade as her pup:

Others even went fancier and got matching nail art, because why not go big?

While these are so cute they hurt, there is one important PSA you need to keep in mind: Make sure to never actually use real nail polish on your animals. "As Hanzel reminded us, it's very important to stress that normal nail polish is toxic for pets' claws, so be sure to keep your new ColourPop Polish to yourself," PopSugar reported. Nail caps are the way to go.

So if you pop into a salon this weekend, make sure to choose a shade that will match your pet's!