People Are Sharing The WEIRDEST Things They Found At Their Parents' House & It's Twitter Gold

Every family has its holiday traditions. From how the house is decorated to what shows up on your holiday dinner plate, each family is its own brand of strange. Case in point, people are tweeting photos of weird stuff found at their parents' houses over the holidays, and it's hilarious. While you were growing up, dressing up stuffed animals in seasonal clothes probably seemed totally normal, right? Then you strike out on your own and your roommates are confused by the winter holiday stuff-animal goose wearing a scarf and hat you've set outside the apartment door in an attempt to be festive.

Part of adulting is realizing that not everyone was raised with the same traditions as you, and once that sinks in going home for the holidays can be an eye-opening experience. Twitter user @jenndangerous is acknowledging that the struggle is real, and she post a callout on Twitter for people to post the weirdest stuff they find in their family's house when they go home for the holidays. "Please show me pictures of weird stuff in your parents' house," she tweeted. Because, every family has its idiosyncrasies, and these hilarious tweets prove that you're not alone.

One theme that seems to be prevalent is creepy dolls — either dressed up for the holidays — or simply on display as if they are part of the family. Kind of like that guy Stanford dates in Sex and the City who has the hideous doll collection, which turns out to be a deal breaker. Because, creepy.

I visited my dad in Florida once for Thanksgiving, and while I can no longer remember the name of the person who hosted the dinner that year, I do remember that she had an entire room dedicated to porcelain dolls. They even had their own day bed.

Porcelain dolls in the guest room are proof that your family really doesn't want you to spend the night. Because, everyone knows that most people find porcelain dolls watching them sleep creepy AF.

If you want to prank one of your siblings, slip this doll into bed with them while they're asleep.

Maybe this year your parents will upgrade you to the room with the ceramic egg collection, which is at least less creepy than dolls.

Or this room dedicated to stuffed dogs.

Or the bathroom full of taxidermy.

If that freaks you out, you can always head to the family bar and let Elvis Presley pour you a drink.

And, you're definitely going to need a drink after you see this clown collection. Let's all agree that words "clown" and "collection" should never be said in the same sentence.

Skull on the mantle? Elvis, I need a refill please.

OK, now clowns and dolls are trailing behind this glowing baby head as the creepiest thing your parents could subject you to over the holidays.

Just ahead of random picture of babies cut from magazine hidden around the house. Make sure to check under your pillow before you go to sleep.

If you're feet are tired, you can rest them on this foot stool that appears to be sporting human feet.

To really relax you might want to pop in this cassette tape of loons singing jazz.

And, don't forget to feed the turkey after dinner. Really, it's the least you can do after all it has done for you. It will even thank you by saying "gobble gobble."

OK, this might actually be the weirdest thing. I want to meet the person who wakes up one morning and says, "You know what would really pull this room together? A framed picture of Jack Nicholson holding a bunch of babies."

Wait, I was wrong ...

If you're at a loss for what to get these family members for the holidays 2017, the only sensible answer is a copy of Marie Kondo's The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. With a little luck, maybe next year they'll be less clowns and dolls. A person can always dream, right?