People On Twitter Can't Stop Comparing Lady Gaga's New Hair To Another Celebrity's Old Look

Ethan Miller/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

This summer has been full of plenty of colorful hair trends, but as per usual, Lady Gaga isn't going along with any of them. Instead, she's trendsetting a blast from the past by channeling another celebrity's old look with her new rainbow hair.

Gaga debuted her new orange-and-blue 'do July 29 on her Instagram, and it wasn't long before fans on Twitter recognized the colors and dye pattern from another queen of unusual hairstyles: Paramore's Hayley Williams. Twitter user @Pmore_source tweeted, "Lady Gaga new hair more like hayley 2014," and it's true — when you compare the two, the similarities are unmissable.

Both Gaga and Williams' dye jobs feature chunky orange bangs on the right side, with longer hair on the left side, dyed blue. While Gaga's dye doesn't look as vivid as Williams' did — not a surprise, since Williams loves vibrant dyes so much she started her own vegan dye line — and Gaga left her roots dark, the colors are spot-on. Plus, in true Gaga style, she paired the look with some eye-catching makeup, including ruby-red, glittery lips.

Gaga is prepping for her Joanne world tour, so it's fitting that she chose now to bring out a fresh look. As excited as fans are about the tour, they seem pretty dang excited to chat about her dye throwback, too.

Check out some of the reaction tweets below.

1. The Original

2. Sharin' The Love

3. Both Sides

This is the internet, so not all Gaga and Williams fans are excited. Some folks are upset that Gaga's look is similar to Williams', some folks are upset that others are saying Gaga's look is similar... and some fans are stranded in virtual no man's land.

But as it turns out, fans don't need to worry: Williams herself is pretty jazzed about the new 'do.

4. Thumbs-Up From Hayley

5. Queens

And as awesome as bright new hairstyles are, lady pop stars supporting each other is even more excellent.

No matter what folks think of Gaga's new look, it's lively, attention-grabbing, and totally her — aka, everything she's an expert at being. There's no doubt fans will be stoked to see this look onstage during her upcoming tour.