People Are Giving Out Personalized Pickles As Wedding Favors Now

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Excited for your big day, and want to celebrate it in the most dill-icious ways you can? Show your wedding guests even more love with personalized pickle wedding favors. Sure, your guests don't attend your wedding just for the snack baskets curated for their hotel stay or the end of the night goodie bags, but favors are a welcomed plus. Your guests will feel appreciated for making your wedding a weekend priority when they get to go home with something at the end of the night. What better way to express your gratitude and love for your nearest and dearest than with pickles?

No, this is not a Portlandia skit. This is real life. You bread and butter believe that personalized pickle favors for your wedding are a thing. Now you can bring your dream Pinterest wedding board to life with a table full of homemade pickles packed into cute glass jars. The stack of jars will be so adorable they'll almost steal the spotlight from the cake cutting ceremony. Almost.

Marriage means commitment. Gifting homemade pickles to your guests also requires a significant devotion. You'll be committing to a DIY project in advance of your big day. But the homemade gift will add a personal touch that won't be easy to forget. You'll be able to pickle your favorite vegetables — from cucumbers to carrots to radishes — and select or create your most beloved brine so guests can literally taste the love. And the one DIY aspect you won't have to worry about is creating the labels. Etsy vendor OnceUponSupplies has your cute labels covered.

Customized stickers are conveniently prepared for your jar so you don't have to worry about the tedious printing process. You've got the caterer to coordinate and last minute fittings to schedule. I get it. Wedding planning is busier than anyone is ever prepared for. So leave the sticker printing to the professionals at OnceUponSupplies. All you have to do is punch in your names, select which size label would best suit your jar of choice and purchase. Between cake tastings and your other DIY wedding projects, outsourcing this task is worth it.

The sizes of the "Pickled Ever After" labels range from 1.5" to 2.5", fitting honey jars to wide mouth mason jars. Once you've figured out the sizing of your jars, the design fun begins. Customize the background and font colors as well as your message. It can include your names, your wedding date or something ~dillightfully~ punny. An order for 60 stickers ranges from $24 to $50, dependent upon the label's size.

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Every person who has attended a wedding in the past five years has a solid collection of honey and jam favors that they're still working their way through. Add something with a bit more of a bite to your wedding guests' pantries with homemade pickles. Your guests won't be going home with just another snack and mason jar to repurpose into a drinking glass; they'll be going home with a pickle perfect memory of your nuptials.

Your wedding is a celebration of true love. What's a better representation of true love than something homemade? Providing a favor for your guests that's been made from scratch — like pickles — will give them a literal taste of love. Who knew pickles could be so romantic?