Pete Davidson Declared Kimye The "Cutest Couple Ever" After Going To Dinner With Them

Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Fans can make their own assumptions about Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's relationship through watching them on social media and on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, but a certain comedian recently got to witness their bond firsthand, and it seems like they're just as in sync as you might believe. During his appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Thursday night, Pete Davidson called Kardashian and West the "cutest couple ever," so rest assured that they're the real deal.

While talking to Fallon, Davidson told a story about a night out at Nobu, where he took friend and rapper Kid Cudi out for his birthday. His game plan was to treat him and Cudi's manager to dinner, but then more and more celebrities started showing up — including Timothée Chalamet — and he kept watching the bill at this expensive restaurant go up inside his head. And then, Kardashian and West showed up, and it was all over for him.

Davidson said:

"Then Cudi goes, 'Hey, Kim and Kanye might come by.' And I was like, 'That would be awesome!' and then I was like, 'Oh no.' So they come by, and we're outside, right, and then Kanye goes, 'Let's get the special room in the back.' And I was like, 'oh no!' I was like, 'Yeah, all right! Cool! Sick!' So we're sitting in there, and I'm texting my touring agent, and I'm like, 'We gotta book more shows.'"

Then, Davidson said that West proceeded to order dishes that were so special they weren't even on the menu. But despite the fact that he was worried about what it might do to his bill, he also made it clear that after meeting West and Kardashian, he had nothing but good things to say.

"By the way, I just want to say — Kim and Kanye: the cutest couple ever," Davidson added. "Very very sweet people, and I had a really good time with them."

Good to know, especially since Kardashian and West casually showing up to a friend's birthday dinner at the last minute isn't something that happens to most of us, but apparently, if you're Pete Davidson, it happens.

Fallon also showed off a photo that Kardashian had brought to his show when she was there from their dinner, featuring West, Chalamet, Cudi, and Davidson, all around their table at Nobu, which Cudi also happened to share on Instagram.

And as for the bill at the end of the night? According to Davidson, it wasn't nearly as bad as he was expecting.

"It actually wasn't as bad as you would think, but it's not like it's Applebees," he said. "It's Nobu, so it's like 77 Applebeeses."

It sounds like their dinner had a happy ending — Davidson got to spend time with some pretty cool people without totally bankrupting himself, and Cudi seemed to have had a great birthday. Now we just have to wait for Davidson's inevitable KUWTK cameo. Were the E! cameras present for this dinner?