'Bachelor' Alums Peter & Kelley May Now Be Living Under The Same Roof As Barb

Peter and Kelley are staying with his family in Los Angeles.
Francisco Roman/ABC

Though the duo have been quarantining in Chicago for the last several months, it seems Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan are now quarantining with Barb and the rest of the Weber family in Los Angeles for the foreseeable future. On Tuesday, May 12 the couple was reportedly spotted riding a tandem bike together in LA, according to E! News. The pilot and Chicago attorney have actually been staying with Peter's parents, Barb and Peter Sr., for a "few days" now, said a source, and they are beyond thrilled to have the two of them under their roof.

"Peter's family has always adored Kelley and his mom was rooting for her from the start of his Bachelor journey," the insider told the outlet. "They are happy he is finally with Kelley and have fully welcomed her into the family." And as for Kelley's relationship with Barb, specifically, as their various Instagram comments to each other have indicated over the last several weeks — and even months — the two most important women in Peter's life could not be getting along any better. "Barbara is obsessed with Kelley and they have a great relationship," the source added.

Considering that Barb has had no qualms expressing her dislike for some of Peter's other love interests in the past (i.e. Madison), her constant praising of Kelley on Instagram indicates that the Weber matriarch thinks these two are a perfect match.

After making their relationship public on Instagram earlier this month, Peter and Kelley have become a lot more open about flaunting their relationship and how happy they are with each other. On Tuesday, May 12 Kelley posted a photo of Peter carrying her in his arms alongside the caption, "I know I’m a handful.. good thing you have two hands." Barb, of course, commented on the image, writing, "Love you guys," accompanied by a red heart emoji.

It's unclear if Peter and Kelley are exchanging the big "L word" with each other themselves, but clearly Pete's mom is already there. Mama Weber also expressed interest in wanting to meet Kelley's mother, Connie Flanagan, whom Kelley recently revealed already "loves" Peter. Perhaps the upcoming holiday season will prove to be a joint Weber and Flanagan affair — if the COVID-19 outbreak allows it, that is.

And if that's the case, it looks like Kelley could be getting that hometown date after all.